Another goofy post! This time about Ann Wilson.

This morning Patrick and I were discussing my previous blog post, and how we are going to give our art room a glorious makeover. Just then the phone rings and the caller I.D. reads:

“Ann Wilson”

“Ann Wilson?” I asked out loud while the phone continued to ring. Ann Wilson is the lead singer of Heart – only my FAVORITE band from way back when (and secretly a little bit now too).

“Ooooohhh…is she calling to place an order? Maybe she wants me to bedazzle her jeans!!” I squealed. That would just be the highlight of my whole month, year, etc!! We’ve had celebrity clients before, so anything is possible! I immediately brainstormed a fabulous gift box filled with all kinds of hand made art for her!

Patrick answered, and it was an order for him for a custom Day of the Dead shadow box from our web site. He handed me the phone so I could walk her through the rest of the process.

Finally, I just HAD to ask about the name on the caller I.D. and if she was connected to THE Ann Wilson.

She chuckled.

“I get that all the time. It’s my roommate’s name. She is Ann Wilson, but not THE Ann Wilson. But the name works great for restaurant reservations!”

On that note, I’m off to clean the art room again…

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Love & light,

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