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This is an event I’m organizing for next month. Special thanks to Tod Mettler from the Duck and Decanter for letting us kamikaze crafters take over the place for a day!

I’ve always wanted to participate in in a local indie craft show, but never had time to look into it. I’ve had the Phoenix Fridas group for three years now and recently noticed all these other great craft groups popping up. I thought now would be a great time to stage one event that unites them all! Or at least the ones I’ve heard of. I asked Tod if it would be OK if we could hold it at the Duck and he was 100% thrilled.

This show is different from many shows because the spotlight is on craft collectives, as opposed to single vendors. It takes a lot of work and passion to keep your art going, much less an art group. So I think it is due time our lovely city takes notice!

P.S. Ellen update coming soon!

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  1. Can’t wait to see how this goes! There may be something like this around here (bay area), MUST be, but haven’t found it yet – hee,hee.

    Sounds like your work “Hobby to Business” workshop went well, also – congratulations!


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