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Whether you are into cooking, crafting or plain sewing – making an apron is a great project to tackle.

I’ve seen my friends use so many resources I never would have thought of – vintage linens, old pajamas, a men’s dress shirt, cloth napkins, even fabric scraps sewn together.

This week, it’s all about the old T-shirts. Finally, you have a use for that concert T from college or your husband’s old sports shirt, the one he won’t throw away. You’ll need two T-shirts, one to show off the pattern and one to cut up, for this project. Find what you love, and then hack it to pieces in the name of art.

If you stayed in and studied in college, then check out the junior T-shirt section at stores such as Wal-Mart (locations Valley-wide at www.walmart.com) and Target (locations Valley-wide at www.target.com), where you’ll find a cheap selection of vintage-looking T-shirts with concerts, cartoons and other logos for around $10.

For adult sizes, thrift stores will have a great selection of real vintage T’s for as little as $2.

I plan to use mine in the art room, where I’m forever looking for a paper towel to wipe my hands or a cloth to clean my paintbrush. This is a great project for beginning sewers because no pattern is needed.


Coordinating fabric, about 12by 12 inches

Sewing machine

T-shirt with your favorite design (shirt A)


T-shirt you can cut up (shirt B)

Straight pins

1 ribbon 1 inch by about 48inches

2 ribbons 1 inch by 12inches


Hem the coordinating fabric on the top and both sides. With shirt A, cut out the design, going through the back layer as well, in the shape for the top.

Turn them right side in, and sew up three sides. Turn it right side out. On the open side, fold the raw edges in and sew a hem along it as well as the other three sides. Attach to the center of the coordinating fabric to create the top of the apron.

With shirt B, cut the bottom half off for the skirt of the apron. Leave it right side out and sew a hem along the sides and bottom.

Center and pin the top of the apron to the bottom of the apron and sew. Center the long ribbon (cut to the length to fit you) along the middle seam and sew. Sew on ribbon straps, one to each side of the top of shirt A.

Variations: You can alter the decorations the way you like. I added lace along the edge and a cupcake pocket made from scrap fabric and decorated with ribbon. For an even easier apron, skip the coordinating fabric and cut shirt A to fit as the top.

Love & light,

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