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Fiesta de Frida Placemats and Napkin Rings

These DIY Frida placemats are great for a party or for everyday use. No matter what, you can’t have boring place mats to go with your fancy home cooked menu! Devote some time to creating these artful collages that are laminated. You can use them all year round and they will add so much more spark and spirit to your life and decor. Trust me! This lovely project is from my book: The Crafty Chica Collection!

Supplies for DIY Frida placemats:

DIY Frida placemats

Large piece of art paper
Stickers, pictures, etc
Scrapbook paper
hole puncher

Make the DIY Frida placemats:

Working on a flat and clean surface, place the large piece of art paper down.

Go through all your pieces of ephemera and arrange them in different ways until you like what you see.

Start witht he largest image in the center, then build out by adding other design elements.

Use a glue stick to glue everything down. Remember you are going to laminate it, so keep it as flat as possible.

Laminate your placemat, either with an at-home machine or you can take it to a printing service.

Punch holes all along the sides and add raffia or twine.

Napkin rings to go with your DIY Frida placemats:

Use memory wire, beads and decoupaged wood charms for napkin rings. Thanks for reading my post bout DIY Frida placemats!

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