Gliiter Rally just hours away!

Charity sale item!

I spent the whole day making happy glitter signs for the rally tomorrow. They came out so cute! I’m not freaking out about this event anymore, it’s beyond the point of no return, so I’m just going in and having fun, embracing the experience. I’m very excited to meet my fellow crafty friends – on the sidewalk. With glittery signs!! Marching together for the sake of art and craft!

It’s been a rough couple of days. This weekend I threw my back out. In order to burn off all the excitement and anxiety of what was to come, I went into overdrive cleaning the house. Sunday night, I bent over to empty the veggie bins in the fringe and I felt it – a surge of pain in my lower back, which then shot down through my leg.

I swear I never prayed so hard to heal! I’m doing OK, just taking it slow and careful. Keeping my back as stiff as I can. Lots of Aleve. Nothing will stop me from accomplishing my Ellen mission!

After all this, even if Ellen or her producers never acknowledge us (we’ve only bombarded them with press releases…), I do not regret all this hard work. So many amazing artists have come together to spread the sparkle. Not only literally, but also metaphorically. AND we’ve raised hundreds of dollars for Idol Gives Back!

So Ellen, whether you know what we are doing or not – THANK YOU for being annoyed with glitter. We still love you, how could we not – look at all the good things that came from your words! It shows show the power of what one little glitter fleck can do 😉

Here are some fun posts that came from other bloggers today:

Cathie Filian of Creative Juice made a rockin’ sign and she wrote about it too!

Cathie Filian's glitter sign!

Jennifer Perkins, Naughty Secretary Club and host of Craft Lab ain’t takin’ any smack talk about glitter!

Laurie Davis, the Glitter Fairy – as seen on Martha! She makes a living off of glitter!

Jenny Ryan from Craft Zine made 10 glittered tees and is giving them out at the rally!

I made about 6 or 7 signs and will hand them out to whoever wants them!

One more time…

WHAT: Safe Sparkle Glitter Rally
WHEN: Tuesday, April 8, 2008.
TIME: Noon to ???
WHERE: NBC Studios, 3000 West Alameda Avenue in Burbank, Calif.
WHO: Anyone who wants to help Ellen find her inner glitter! All are welcome!

And don ‘t forget the glitter art charity sale going on through Wednesday! All the proceeds go American Idol: Idol Gives Back (click below for more info).


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