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NOTE: You’ve probably seen this idea before, but I swear it is one I did back in 2002. I came across it recently and thought I’d repost! Enjoy!

For the busy gal on the go, fishing for earrings from the bottom of a purse is a common activity. So is finding them next to the telephone, on top of coffee tables and even in the car’s glove compartment. Until we are able to keep them on our ears for eight hours at a time, a little assistance would be appreciated.
These dainty jewelry hangers will do the trick as a temporary and unforgettable resting spot. Begin by picking up a few open-back frames at a craft or second-hand store. Decorate them, attach some screen, a ribbon for hanging and then put one at each of the spots where you tend to leave your jewelry, like a bulletin board at work. Use a larger more ornate frame to hold your whole collection on a vanity dresser.


  • 1 open-back picture frame (3 1/2 inches by 5 inches or 4 inches by 6 inches)
  • Wire mesh or screen
  • Hot glue gun and glue sticks
  • 2 eyehole screws
  • 2 pieces of silk ribbon (each 12 inches long)

Optional: Acrylic paints, fabric, brushes, picture for background


Paint and embellish the frame as desired. Measure and cut a piece of screen to fit inside the frame. Adhere it to the inner borders with hot glue. Attach the eyehole screws to the top of the frame. Thread the ribbon through the hole and gather the two ends at the top. Repeat for the other eyehole. Tie off the ribbon at the top for hanging. If you would like a decorative jewelry hanger only for fishhook earrings, glue a colorful picture to the back of the frame so it will show through the screen. For all types of earrings, leave the back open for easy use.
VARIATIONS: Use a standing frame to use on a tabletop or create your own frame from basswood. For a portable version, line one side of a small box with screen so it can be closed.

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  1. Craft Chica…I think that this idea is FABULOUS!!! I constantly look for my earrings in the bottom of my purse, junk drawers, etc! This is a great way to display fun art on the wall of my bathroom or bedroom plus house all of my accessories!
    Ceramic Diva

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