PROJECT: Fun Foam Bulletin Board

In the world of gluing, cutting and creating, Fun Foam has become a staple.

The soft, flexible texture and array of bright colors make it a shoo-in for the artistic creations of all types and ages.
I’ve seen it used on everything from barrettes to book covers to ball-point pens — even a telephone. Despite Fun Foam’s popularity with the masses, I could never find an application for it that was appealing to me. Until now.
One weekend while I was reorganizing my art studio, I noticed I had a collection of beat-up bulletin boards just screaming for attention. Finally, I found my Fun Foam connection. I made my way to the craft supply store and purchased several sheets of the foamy stuff, along with a handful of rubber stamps.
The hardest part of this creation is deciding on a design and then calculating the measurements. To make things easier, I’ve crunched the numbers for you.
The only dilemma left is to determine which messages are important enough to post on your fabulous finished product.

This is also perfect for a kid’s room! you could cut out their silhouette!

Fun Foam Bulletin Board

1 bulletin board
Fun Foam sheets in assorted colors
Scissors or craft knife
White glue
Rubber stamps
Acrylic paints (include black)
Cotton swab
Thin liner brush
Water-based varnish

Measure the inside area of your bulletin board. Decide how many rectangles fill the space by dividing the measurements. For example: I used a 17- by 11-inch board that measured 15 by 9 1/2 inches inside. This translates into six rectangles, almost squares at 4 3/4 by 5 inches each.
Cut your rectangles and lay them on the board to make sure all the ends meet. Trim any excess foam until you have a tight fit. Lift each rectangle and apply a thin layer of white glue to the board, then press each rectangle back in place. Make sure the edges are sealed tight; otherwise when you remove thumbtacks during use, the rectangle may lift.
Before stamping, decide on an arrangement of images. Once the pattern is determined, use a cotton swab or your finger to apply a layer of paint to your stamp. Press the stamp firmly into the middle of a rectangle. Do this to all rectangles and let dry.
With the liner brush, apply a thin outline of black paint to each of the shapes to create more definition. Add more color for shading or for a decorative touch.
Paint the border of the bulletin board with colors contrasting to your stamps. Brush a layer of water-based varnish on the border for a lasting effect.
love, peace, and glitter

Kathy 🙂
* All content/photos copyright, © Kathy Cano-Murillo, 2008.

Love & light,

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