Stacy McQueen, My Favorite Procraftinator!

Online craft shows are popping up like crazy these days, and there are so many good ones to chose from. I’m going to do a post on them soon, but in the meantime, I wanted to share the latest treasure from one of my cyber-amigas and crafty comedienne, Stacy McQueen, The Craft Whore.

I followed Stacy for a while, and I was beyond tickled when my friend Margot mentioned her in a blog post today (also: Margot is planning to film and launch her own craft show!!!), I peeked at Stacy’s site to see if I missed any new episodes. I found this gem The Procraftinator. I laughed so hard that my daughter came over to see it, and we ended up watching all of Stacy’s videos even though we had seen them before.

I *heart* Stacy. There is so much seriousness in making our projects – we all want to come up with perfect and breathtaking, heartfelt, pretty, clever, and all around stunning ideas – and as we all know, sometimes they turn out as perfect as a dryer lint and uncured resin.

Stacy embraces those moments and pimps them out like nobody’s business! She is the perfect example of the whole “squeezing a dollar out a dime” theory – except she squeezes out lots of Benjamins because her videos rock hard. Girlfriend deserves her own show!

Until then, subscribe to her site.

Where there are crafts, there is comedy!

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