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As a kid, I used to come up with some of the best ideas in the middle of the night. But I could never wait until daylight to launch my plan. Instead, I opted to work quietly and furiously in my dark bedroom during the wee hours of the morning.

That memory came back to haunt me. One night when I was exhausted, I couldn’t fall asleep because this idea of making a bell out of a coffee mug popped into my head. I tossed and turned all night, stumped as to how to drill a hole through the cup.
As I discussed it with a friend the next day, we managed to find a clever alternative. Just in time for the warmer weather.

Now that spring is here, you’ll want to clear out some of those coffee mugs or teacups — seeing that hot drinks aren’t in high demand anymore.
Select a few of them that look good upside down and follow the directions to transform your drinkware into cheery “drill-less” hanging bells for your porch or patio.

I’ve had this one hanging on my porch for a while and I get so many ooohs and ahhh’s about it!

2 pieces of twine or thin, colored cording (12 inches each)
2 medium buttons
Extra strength adhesive glue
1 coffee mug or teacup
2 washers (1 inch wide)
Decorative item to dangle
Large wood bead

Directions: Thread the twine through one of the buttons. Repeat for second button.
Apply a dollop of glue to the bottom of one of them. Attach it to the inside center of the mug. Use the pencil to press it into place. Let it set for 30 minutes.
Turn the mug over so the bottom is facing up. Apply another dollop of glue to the second button and attach it to the top of what is becoming your bell. Let it set for 30 minutes, then lay the mug on its side for 24 hours so the glue will cure.
Stack the two washers (they act as the ringer), string through the twine hanging inside the mug, and tie a knot. You may need to glue the washers to the knot. Tie or glue on a decorative dangling item to the twine. At the top of the bell, slide the wood bead through the cording.
Tip: You can also drill a hole through the mug; use a diamond or masonry bit.

Love & light,

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  1. Kathy,

    Now you KNOW that tea is more like an addiction with me than a love (on the cruise, “What do you mean there are people in our meeting room? MY TEA IS IN THERE!!!!”)

    I just may have to make this one for myself!

  2. Thats so cute! I hate the sound of windchimes but I think it could be easily adapted to house a birdfeeder instead and the bright colours will attract the birds more!

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