What a difference a day makes!

I woke up this morning like this:

…ready for a good day, no matter what! I’m happy to report the past 16 hours have been nothing short of productive. It all comes down to *snapping out of it*. I told myself my Lame Reign had come to an end, and I was ready to kick some nalgas. I did have one crafty catastrophe with an ice candle project tonight, and I shopped at Michaels with my zipper (unknowingly) down – but hey, other than that, smiles all around!

I got caught up on lots of tasks, found out I am speaking at Maker Faire on May 4th (I’ll also have a Crafty Chica demo booth all weekend), and was told that a camera crew for a local TV show would be coming to our house to film “us in action” on Wednesday. Oh, gosh, I almost forgot! I received a blog award today too, I’ll post about it tomorrow!

This whole frump girl thing reminds of one time at the paper when I interviewed Richard Simmons (the excessively perky exercise guy in the red short-shorts). He was majorly wired on happiness and I asked him if he ever had bad days, or pouty weeks. He said he did, but he condensed it into a 15-minute cryfest, in which he would go sit on a barstool and let it all out. At the end of 15 minutes, he would dust his hands and say “Done, move on!”.

Kinda weird, but I just thought of that right now…OK, where was I?

Yah, yah. I’m still tweaking on Twitter. I won’t give it up. Don’t try to make me. Here is my page!

I do need to adjust my habit a bit though so I don’t end up divorced.

Today Patrick and I went to the corner market to get water. He went inside the store and I stayed in the car. To pass the time (2 minutes), I decided to surf my iPhone and see who was tweeting. I guess I got a little too involved because I heard aggressive rapping on my window. For a second I thought it was a robber, but it was Patrick!

I fumbled to hit the unlock button. Here’s what he said in his gruffest homeboy voice (edited for family reading):

“Kathy, I’ve been standing out here holding these gallons of water, knocking! You didn’t hear me! I could have been getting eaten by a zombie, but you wouldn’t have known because of that stupid phone!”

He said first he tapped soft and nothing. So he knocked harder, nothing. Finally he got mad, set down the jugs of water and rapped really hard.

Whoops, my bad! In the spirit of Richard Simmons, let’s move on!

Tomorrow Maya and I are taking a soft sculpture workshop at the Burton Barr Public Library with the fabulous Margarita Cabrera. She is from Mexico City, makes some really wild pieces out of nothing but material. We are to bring a small found object that we will then recreate in fabric.

Kinda like what she did with this bicycle!

Margarita currently has a life-size Hummer H-2 on display at Scottsdale Museum of Contemporary Art as part of the “Car Culture” exhibit. If you live in the area, try to check out the show, it ends this Sunday!

Before I go, I want to share that Jennifer Perkins of NaughtySecretaryClub.com is having her annual Administrative Professionals Week where everything in her store is a whopping 25% off!

While you are there, check out her blog post on 15 Tips for Maximum Newsletter/Sale Effectiveness! It’s packed with quality info from a highly-successful businesswoman 🙂

Shop, shop, people!

* All content/photos copyright, © Kathy Cano-Murillo, 2008.

Love & light,

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  1. thanks for posting about the sale Kathy. Also you are not alone we have all done the fly down thing. I find when I am about to walk into a store I am almost OCD about checking for it. I spend most of my time in jammies, often when I wear real pants I seem to accidently skip steps like zippers.

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