Busy days!

(Cha-Cha and Ozzy. They both are jealous that Bootsie was in the spotlight last week!)

Sorry I haven’t had time to post a lot this week, it has been very hectic! This weekend is the shoot for the next round of Lifetime webisodes, so things are hopping in our house! I’m even paying Maya to be my personal assistant this weekend, just to help ease some of the stress and running around. Although, tonight she had a sore throat…

Real quick –

– Today is the last day for entries for the “I’m a Crafty Chica” contest (scroll down). I’ve already received more than 100 entries and they are all fabulous and heartfelt, some made me laugh they were so charming!

– Today is the last day for the early bird discount for the 2009 Crafty Chica Cruise! (See side button).

– The Ellen glitter video: Thank you for all your nice comments cheering on the cause! I’d like to ask a HUGE favor of other bloggers and if you have time to pretty please repost the video on your blog! I really, really, really want for her to see it! I promise to return the favor when you need me to! And many thanks to those of you who already have, free glitter for you!!!

Have a super fantastico weekend!

Love & light,

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  1. Good luck on your shoot this weekend. All of the ones I have seen have been fabulous so I am sure your newest webisodes will be just as good. Have a great Memorial day with lots of good grilled food. 🙂

  2. You got it Kathy! Your plea to Ellen video now posted on my blog (actually the link to ur blog cuz i don’t know how to…well, you’ll see)
    Have a great holiday weekend with la familia!
    Cyndi Garcia
    ps your puppies are so cute.

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