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Granulated Wax Candeliers


Let the crafty choir bells ring!

Candlemaking 101 has reached the ultimate in simplicity by way of granulated candle wax.

Sold in bags with wicks, these vividly colored and richly scented wax granules can be poured into just about anything — mugs, votives, terra-cotta bowls and more. Add a wick and you are ready for action. The only heat required is from the strike of a match.

The bright hues of the wax inspired me to keep the theme whimsical and cheery. With the aid of colored wire, wood beads and ribbon, I created a batch of ornate mini-lanterns that reminded me of chandeliers. If you are new to the world of wire, this project may require a bit of patience and practice. Purchase extra wire to try out different loops and shapes before moving on to the real thing.

Supplies are available at www.candleoutlet.com.

* 4 strands of 18-gauge wire in different colors (36 inches each)
* Baby-food jar
* Needle-nose pliers
* Assorted beads and ribbons
* 1 strand of 18-gauge wire (3-inch)
* wax granules in assorted colors

DIRECTIONS: Slightly bend one of the long pieces of wire in half and wrap it around the lid of the jar. Tightly twist it at the lip to keep it in place. Straighten one end of the wire piece up and the other end down. Repeat process with the remaining three wires so that they are evenly positioned around the jar. You will have a jar with four pieces of wire standing straight up and four wires straight down.
On the bottom strands, create loops with the needle-nose pliers and add beads (if desired). Then connect them one at a time up to the rim of the jar by bending the wires together. For the top strands, bend one of them 1 inch to make a loop for hanging. Gather all the wires and then tie them together by tightly wrapping the 3-inch piece of wire around them. Use needle-nose pliers to make decorative loops with the excess wire on the top. Add ribbons or dangling charms for more flair.
Have a friend hold your candle-lier while you carefully add a wick and colorful layers of wax granules.

(Photo from CandleOutlet.com)


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