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Tonight I made a hecka lotta jewelry…

We got all our online orders sent out over the weekend and I’ve been nose deep in phase two of the Safe Sparkle Glitter Campaign (I’ll post about that soon!). I just needed to step away from orders, duties, and assignments. So I pulled out my jewelry stash and got busy. It felt soooo good to just sit and experiment.

I’m a very project-oriented person, I like to start a task and finish it immediately. I lose sleep thinking about unfinished business. I’ll get an idea, set a goal, and then do not stop until it’s put to bed. Tonight my mission was to take pictures of everything I made and post it on Etsy.

Two pictures in, and my camera battery died! This project will just have to roll over to tomorrow. In the meantime, here are two necklaces. I’m a big girl with big hair. I don’t do dainty. I love my wearables bright and heavy enough to hit me on the chin. So I make my jewelry like that too.

The first one is a heart pendant dish with different objects embedded in resin attached to beads. The second is a cube necklace made from my new Crafty Chica papers. People have gone ga-ga over this particular design, which is inspired by Spanish Talavera tiles! and, yes – you will be able to buy it in stores soon!

I am so stuck right now about what to do with our online store. We’ve had our Yahoo site for more than 10 years. It receives a steady flow of traffic and sales. But Etsy is the place where all the cool folks are at. and I love all the features they have, the indie-vibe of it, and the way the team supports their artists, whereas Yahoo is just like: “pay the monthly fee and move along”.

From high end to low end, so many artists sell on Etsy. I’m wondering if I should trade out our Yahoo store for Etsy? I would love to do both, but have no idea how to divvy up our art. When it comes to selling our goods, Patrick and I are a team**. And it seems silly to have half of our work on one site, and half on another. And I don’t think Etsy allows double posting. I don’t have time to double post!

This is a crafty soap opera for sure!

I’m going to post this new batch of jewelry on Etsy and give it a month and see how it does. I’ll let you know!

My other brain block is a flash fiction piece themed around “Women, Words, and Wisdom”. This is part of the next Chica Lit Blog Tour, and I have yet to come up with an idea!

My novel doesn’t come out until 2009, but I’ve written two short pieces for past blog tours (yes, they have crafty themes!): Christmas Kiss and Rubina Chinchada & the Enchanted Dresser.

May 19 – Mary C. (
May 20 – Barb Ferrer (
May 21 – Lara (
May 22 – Mayra (
May 23 – Cari (
May 24 – Jamie (
May 25 – Berta (
May 26 – Tracy (
May 27 – Kathy (
May 28 – Misa (

Hey! Maybe my battery is done charging by now…bye!!

Speaking of husband and wife teams, check out the world of The art of Carlos and Naomi Valdivia. I LOVE meeting other artsy couples and reading about how they started!


Love & light,

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  1. Go Etsy!!! I am an Etsy fanatic and it has encouraged my creative juices to go BUCK WILD! Let us know how to get your stuff on Etsy and what the end result is…I’m confident you won’t be disappointed!

  2. Those are really nice necklaces. I especially love the little cube. That paper is like nothing I’ve ever seen before. When and where can we buy it? I think either storefornt will be a success as long as you promote it in your usual “crafty chica” way.

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