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Mother’s Day Games!

Game time for Mom

by Kathy Cano-Murillo – May. 3, 2008 12:00 AM
Special for the Republic

About, oh, say, 35 years ago at my parents’ house, this is what you’d hear my mom scream out every Saturday night:


Back then, my mom loved playing all kinds of board games, Yahtzee, Aggravation and Bingo.

To this day, every time I walk by the game aisle in a store, I see Mom kissing the dice, saying “Come on, baby, give me a Yahtzee!” She’d wink at me, and then toss them on the kitchen table as if she were at a swanky Vegas casino.

Now that I’m an adult, I wish I had made my mom a personalized game. That would have made her triumphs all the more empowering. But, hey, it is never too late!

I made three games for my mom for Mother’s Day, in the hopes that we can steal a Saturday night to play again. And because today is National Scrapbooking Day, I’ve used my scrapbooking supplies.

As for other mothers, I know firsthand that candy, jewelry or flowers are sweet – but quality time is even better. With the rush of the daily grind it’s easy to lose track of that. These kid-friendly ideas are great reminders that old-school fun is the way to go.

Other games that can be revamped:

• Dominoes: Glue your favorite picture or paper on the back of each one to make your own set.

• Yahtzee: Decorate the dice and cup with paint markers. Design your own score sheet and pencils.

• Backgammon: Use a glue stick and scrapbook paper to enliven the board.

• Monopoly: Create your own game pieces and money.

Connect 4 game

1 Connect 4 game
Plastic gloves, paper mask
3 cans of Krylon Fusion for plastic spray paint in Mom’s favorite colors
1 picture of you that is color-copied into 20 1-inch images
1 picture of your mom that is color-copied into 20 1-inch images
White craft glue
1-inch circle cutter (optional)

1. Separate the game into sections (base, body, chips).

2. If you are a child, have an adult help you with this step: Lay the newspaper outside on a flat surface. Put on the gloves and mask and set down the base, spray paint evenly until all areas are covered. Let dry and then set aside. Repeat for the body, and then the chips.

3. Cut out the pictures of you and Mom and glue them to the inner area of the chips. You should end up with two sets of chips. Let dry.

4. Assemble the game (bottom right) and play.

Inspiration playing cards

1 package of adhesive sticker paper
1 deck of dollar-store playing cards
Colored markers
Rub-on accents
Rubber stamps, with ink pad

1. Take one sheet of the adhesive paper and peel off the backing. Place it sticky side up on your work table.

2. Carefully set the playing cards decorative side down on the sticky side of the paper. Press them all in place. Once the sheet is full, use the scissors to cut out the cards.

3. Embellish with markers, rub-on accents, rubbers stamps or any other designs you choose. Write a message to Mom or her favorite phrases and sayings on each card.

Custom made assorted game set

Supplies: Newspaper
Plastic gloves
Paper mask
Spray paint
1 box set (top right) that has several games in it, such as chess, checkers, etc.
Metallic or bright-colored paint markers
2 types of contrasting, yet matching, scrapbook paper
Glue stick

1. If you are a child, have an adult help you with this step: Lay the newspaper outside on a flat surface. Put on the gloves and mask and set down the base, spray paint all the pieces evenly until all areas are covered. Let dry.

2. Add swirly accents using the metallic markers. Cut the scrapbook paper to fit the squares on the chessboard. Use the glue stick to attach them, alternating the designs.

* All content/photos copyright, © Kathy Cano-Murillo, 2008.

Stamped Tissue Flower Pins

A life awarded.


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