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The art of reinvention for moms

The art of reinvention for moms
As moms, we run the house. We set the mood. We keep the chaos at bay. Our kids and spouses have come to rely on that. My husband and kids think they know every ounce of my soul and brain. Part of me likes that, but another part of me doesn’t. I want to always have that element of surprise. Routine is boring.
Just because we are moms, doesn’t mean we are robots, or locked into our current routine. Even if you savor every moment of the day as is, it’s always fun to mix it up. Maybe think like Madonna and reinvent ourselves every so often. It will keep us fresh, our minds sharp, and make our families, friends, and peers think twice before assuming our actions and reactions. I’m not talking bleach-your-hair-blond-and-wear-an-animal-print-skirt mid-life crisis, but just a few little changes here and there. Things that give you a rush of adrenaline to say “I can’t believe I did that!”

It also goes for art. I’m not exactly Ellie Expert at this, but here are some ideas for moms, artists, writers – anyone really – of how to reinvent the routine.

1. Clear out your workspace. If you are an artist or crafter, put away one or two items that you currently use all the time. Replace them with things you uncover in the cleaning process. You know that blank belt buckle you bought at the yard sale two years ago? Decorate and wear it already!

2. Come up with a new art (or cooking) technique. Experiment with tools or supplies you are intimidated of. Instead of going by the directions or what you have seen, start from scratch and invent your own application. Even it is weird and doesn’t work – keep on it! Once you feel great about it, write up a workshop around it that you can teach!

3. Blog about topics you normally don’t. Pick a movie or a TV show and write a review for your readers. Politics. Share a recipe. Something funny that happened to you that day. Pick someone or something you admire or are inspired by, and write about it.

4. Get on TV! Make something super cool or have a secret talent? Call your local TV station, ask who to send a story pitch to, and then offer to come on the show to show your stuff.

5. Surprise your family. Think of a new place to take the kids or your spouse or family. New as in something they would never think you would be into.

6. Step away from the safety zone. We all have our favorite item of clothing or jewelry. Set it aside and force yourself to wear something new. Maybe it’s food, or a word, a comfort food restaurant, or magazine you read all the time. Ditch it, give it a rest. Opt for something completely different.

7. Meet new people. If you Twitter, add random people outside of your usual circle. It will give you new insight to other things happening in the world.

8. Start all over. If you are a designer or artist, pick out your most popular product you sell, and think of an ending date for it. Stop making it. It will force you to come up with something new to fill it’s place. If you have been working extra hard on writing a book, set it aside for a bit and write a quick summary of a new one.

9. Change colors. If you have time, paint your bedroom a new color. This weekend!

10. Volunteer someplace cool just for a week. Like a theater production, an arts festival, a youth mentorship program, etc. If you like it, sign on longer!

11. Listen to advice. Have you ever had someone tell you, “You should be a ______, you are good at it!” – Well don’t dismiss it, give it a test run.

12. Channel someone else. Think of your favorite heroine from a movie or book, and channel their energy for a day when it comes to making decisions, dressing, speaking, or mingling. you’ll be surprised at what comes out of this.

13. Celebrate your imperfections. Do something you totally suck at, just to embrace who you are. No one is perfect at EVERYTHING, but that doesn’t mean we should cheat ourselves from the experience.

14. Do a 360. Come up with an art design, words, phrases, or discussion topic that is the opposite of what you are known for.

15. Make a video. Everyone is an expert at something, including you. Take that talent and show it to the world in a four minute video. Maybe it is just a documentary on your day, or you telling a story, or shopping for something, interviewing people on a relevant topic, making something, etc…

Moms are not always women, and moms don’t always have to have given birth. Lots of guys are mommies. Other people too, like pet owners, babysitters, teachers, sisters, etc…Anyone who has ever shown maternal instinct deserves a hug and a high-five today 🙂


A life awarded.

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2 thoughts on “The art of reinvention for moms”

  1. Cathy, long time reader, first time commenter. What a great post! I am kind of in a funk today, feeling uncreative. Or creative but just not able to do anything about it. This was just what I needed to wake up a bit. You always cheer me up. You don’t let any challenge stop you and just go for it! Thanks for that. I hope you had a great mothers day. Love Stacy

  2. I also wanted to thank you for the inspiration. I’ve been feeling in a rut at home and at work and your post inspired me to try something new so I decided to put my crafts out there for the first time and enter some contests or something. Thanks!


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