Three cheers for DeAngelo, and a red bandanna too!

Last month I thought I was all smart and crafty by downing Airbourne like crazy when I felt a cold coming on. That “Stage One” feeling lasted for a few days and poof! Away it went. Clever, clever me!

Or so I thought. Little did I know it was brewing under my skin, waiting for the right time to plan the next attack. That came Sunday morning. I woke up at a hearty “Stage Two” level – much too progressed for Airbourne. Ooooh, mama, it was a mean one. My bed held me captive until this morning when I forced myself to overcome it.

Next on my to-do list? Vitamins. Daily! Oh…and a little thing called rest too.

I woke up early this morning, feeling crisp. I tidied up my room, changed the sheets, showered, and got to work. Over the course of the day, lots of cool news relating to Crafty Chica stuff drifted my way. But it hardly sank in because the highlight of May 28th, 2008 is that my son, DeAngelo, graduates from high school tonight!

Let’s pause to “Woo-hoo” in his honor….OK, thanks!!

On our way to the ceremony, I realized I forgot tissues. A cold AND a weepy graduation ceremony? Not good. They would need to section me off with yellow caution tape. As we walked across the parking lot to the auditorium, Patrick whipped out a red bandanna from his back pocket and handed it to me.

We’ve been married 18 years, and I still am learning new things about my man. Who knew he carried a red bandanna in his back pocket? I didn’t.

At first I laughed, like I would not dare be seen blowing my nose or wiping my eyes with a red bandanna. Hello? It didn’t match with my dressy graduation mom outfit.

Patrick shot me an “I am so offended” return glance with a “Take it or leave it” head tilt as a chaser.

I took the bandanna.

He then told me that when he was a teenager, before he would go out on a date, his grandpa used to hand him two hankies: One in his back pocket for him, and the second one in his front pocket for his date. All of a sudden, I loved the red bandanna (even if it did come from his back pocket and not his front).

I’m so glad I did. I drenched every thread of that thing and was dang proud to do so. It also shielded my cough from innocent bystanders!

After the ceremony, we took gobs of pictures and went to dinner at DeAngelo’s favorite eatery – Denny’s! (Don’t ask. Comfort food, I guess.)

Here is my message to all of you parents of small kids – make the most of your time with them. It’s harder when they are older because they become busy with their friends and activities, but I can’t even begin to lecture how fast time speeds by once they start high school. One day you are giving them a “Don’t be scared, you’ll meet new friends!” pep talk, and the next thing you know, you’re dabbing tears away, watching them on the Jumbotron as they walk across the stage and flip the tassel to the other side of the cap.

*Fanning eyes with hands to keep them dry*

Here is a picture of us with DeAngelo back in the day. And then a picture of Maya with DeAngelo tonight. Wow. See what I mean?


Love & light,

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  1. Wonderful post! Dang…what you have written is so real and so true. My man lives 3000 miles away right now and our daughter is 25 years old (long story). Oh how MUCH I would love to return to those innocent and wonderful days as new parents. I do have deep memories of that time…but if I knew then what I know now….. well, you know. 🙂 CONGRATS all around!! and wonderful photos!

  2. Congrats to DeAngelo and your entire family! My 16 yr old, Tyler, will be a Jr. next year and I already have tears in my eyes just thinking about his graduation. Wash the bandanna, I want to reserve it for June 2010! Reminds me of the “The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants.” How about “The Sisterhood of the Traveling Red Bandana?” BTW your “Lit Entry” is really great! Congrats again! Don’t know DeAngelo (but I do know his mama), but pride sits in my heart.

  3. Your post even made me get tears in my eyes. Congrats to your son. My oldest graduated in 2006. Now another school year is close to ending and my other son will be a sophmore. Time sure does fly by!! WOW!! You have a beautiful family.

  4. Congrats to DeAngelo! Your words are so true, if you have young children cherish everything, it goes by so fast. My oldest son will be 27 in two weeks. We were talking the other day and he says, “I can’t believe I’m going to be 30 in three years, doesn’t that mean you will be 50 in three years!” Thanks Justin for the reminder.

  5. Congratulations to DeAngelo!!!!
    But I have to say… except for the hair- you look the same! What’s your secret?!

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