When good craft supplies go bad

Lately I’ve been dabbling in rubber stamps (I’m a late bloomer), and I recently splurged on a bottle of expensive glittered embossing powder (Fire Dragon Red!!) and a fancy yellow ink pad made especially for embossing. Tonight I was all relaxed and super-duper excited to indulge. My grand plan was to emboss the pedals and leaves of a faux rose with a paisley design.

I opened the jar of embossing powder to find it had already been opened AND it only had 1/8th of the jar! Not only that, the stamp pad was dried out. Both were brand new and I paid full price. What a buzzkill!

I wonder the store clerk would believe me if I tried to exchange them…I know it sounds fishy, but it’s true!

Oh well. I think I’m done for the night!

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  1. It’s a pain in the behind, but take it back…they need to know their pads are dry (old?) and that either the supplier skimped or a shopper skimmed…hmmm…

  2. Where’s the love? Sounds to me someone skimmed off the jar…..totally not cool- let Karma take a bite out their tail and do not let it steal your JOY!

    Let me share with you a cool tidbit…you can make your own custom blend (glitter and all) using the plain old clear variety and well, add bling….so, save the jar that you got skimped on- for the time being, add some clear ultra fine detail EP to the jar, shake it up and then continue on until it is gone… it won’t be “as’ intense in color but, you will get a bit more out of your purchase….after that, give me a call I will share the secret recipe book with you my friend 🙂 Other thing, take a clipboard and cover it with tin foil and then emboss over it rather than your crafting surface…the foil will disperse the heat and help you not torch that loverlie little leaf of yours (works like a champ in preventing scorch marks on dark cardstock and curling up vellum…..)!

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