Poolish games

“OK, but we have to make this fast, I have a lot of work to get through today.”

Ha! Silly me. I should know by now that when I make statements like that, I’m bound to set myself up for a blog post like this.


I’m working late tonight – making more product samples for CHA, outlining publicity ideas, all kinds of fun, but way important tasks. I could of had it all done by 6 p.m. today, but noooo….

I woke up super early to get a head start on my work. I was so proud of making headway through my thick to-do list. There is so much to tackle with the product line release, just thinking about it makes me feel short of breath because it is so overwhelming. Nothing can be cut from the list, and new tasks are being added daily. Important tasks! This line absolutely has to be successful and every ounce of energy I put into promoting it will ensure that. That’s my mindset.

Any way, a couple hours later, Patrick needed to go to Target to “run in” and pick up his prescription. He talked me into going with him so I could grab my morning Starbucks at the same time. We took the kids and “ran in” – in other words, everyone ran in different directions. You’d think we never go to Target. Geez, it is down the street from our house, and we are there at least twice a week!

I picked up the prescription and cruised through the aisles to harness my family. I found Patrick and Maya holding an “above ground pool” box. We don’t have a pool in our backyard. My parents never had a pool. It sucks living in Phoenix and not having a vat of water to jump into! We always have to wait until people invite us over to swim – and then there is the whole deal about me not wanting to show my legs in public, etc…so, yes, they caught my interest with the pool-in-a-box, OK???

They chose a $34 model. A very small model. My eyes darted to another box. A BIG pool-in-a-box that was $100 dollars and had a huge picture of a happy family on the front.

Next thing I knew, I wanted to be the lady in that photo. I slipped into this zombie pool-in-a-box trance. “Must have pool. Me want pool now….Argh…”

I saw myself in goggles swimming underwater.
I envisioned sitting against the edge reading a book.
I imagined splashing water in Patrick’s face when he didn’t expect it (revenge!).

The most important duty on this Earth was to bring home that big pool, set it up, and dive the heck in. At this point, the kids were jumping up and down in excitement, and if Patrick wasn’t such a Mr. Vato, he would have totally squealed. I know he would have!

“Let’s get goggles and a beach ball!” I said.

Patrick agreed. “We also need to get chemicals…”

I volleyed back: “And we should get a gazebo – with twinkling lights!”

“Let’s do it,” he replied.

Grinning like a crazed lottery winner, I planned to whip up some fruity summer cocktails to sip on in our new fancy purchase. I even mentally picked out the best spot for it – right outside the bay window of our master bedroom.

We arrived home and ran out back to set it up. We forgot one little fact, albeit, an important one.


Lots of it. There was no way we could set up the pool on top of the dang gravel. Our only option was to clear it off.

So there we were. The middle of the day, three digit temperature heat, shoveling piles of mini-rock so we could set up the stupid pool-in-a-box so we could cool down from the searing heat. Any helicopter that flew over must have thought we were part of a chain gang, minus the striped uniforms. I didn’t care, I wanted to sit in my pool tonight! So I shoveled.

All of a sudden, my cell phone rang.

It was my BOSS checking on my work progress.

*Insert sound of needle scratching across a record here*

At that moment, I wiped the sweat off my face, dropped the shovel, ditched the pool, and got back to work. Talk about a sidetrack! At least it was only as long as a lunch break. According to Patrick, I shoveled for a total of five minutes. It felt like five hours!

Bottom line, we didn’t get the pool up. We have two huge piles of gravel outside the bay window. We had to call “The Garbage Guy” to come pick it up. There is so much that it’s going to cost $300.

Tonight I keep shaking my head in shame. All four of us are groaning from the pain of hard labor. “We should have got the $34 blow-up pool,” Patrick mumbled. Rub it in, why don’t you? I can’t complain, he promised to have it all put together by the end of the week.

So yah, that was the first half of the day. My afternoon was much more productive!

I worked on choosing stores where I’ll be making appearances for the Crafty Chica product line! Duncan is sending me on a promo tour throughout California, and AZ of course! I’ve never done a tour before! This Monday I’ll be posting the list where the Crafty Chica products will be sold, as well as the locations for the tour. I’ll have that info Monday too. And starting next week, we’ll be doing contests here, giving away free product as prizes!

Aside from this, this weekend I’m going to start on a quilt and a headboard for the Heard Museum show. As soon as I’m done blogging, I’m going to color my sketches. I love that part of the design process. I never used to sketch designs until I started at Duncan. Now I have a special book where I draw out my ideas so I don’t forget them. I need to go, this is getting muy boring! I’m writing about coloring sketches…

Another exciting event today is that my friend, Laurie Notaro, has a new book out!

The Idiot Girl and the Flaming Tantrum of Death: Reflections on Revenge, Germophobia, and Laser Hair Removal

Signing off! I promise to add new craft projects this week!

P.S. Maybe I needed to shovel gravel today to clear my head. They say everything happens for a reason, right?

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Love & light,

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  1. That was hilarious! Sorry you aren’t in your pool yet though! I’m in the Phoenix area too and wanted to tell you…don’t call the Garbage Guy! That is good gravel! Join Freecycle and post about it…you’ll get lots of replies of people willing to come shovel and take it away for free!
    Enjoy the pool!

  2. I am wiping the tears of laughter off my face, that was the bomb diggity, chica! It makes you even more lovable. I’ve said this here before: YOU NEED YOUR OWN REALITY SHOW. Forget Denise Richards, we need to see crafty chica!!! LOL……..

  3. That’s probably one of the better distraction stories I’ve read, ad I know all about distractions – I’m supposed to be packing and shipping orders as we speak! But I just had to check my email really quickly. And pop in to Twitter. Where I saw your link, read your pool story, and felt compelled to comment.

    So here I am, instead of in my living room stuffing crafty reading materials into stiff envelopes. Somewhere, because of my folly, a polymer clay addict weeps softly to herself at the thought that her book order will be a day late…

    I almost wish I had a boss to call me and make me get back to work 😉

    Enjoy the pool!

  4. that was so cute and funny. did you tell your boss what you were doing? lol! you are so lucky to work for duncan crafts. do you get free tacky glue?

  5. Thanks for the comments! It ended up raining today, so no swimming! Boo! Plus it takes a day for chemicals to set in.

    Mary, I would love to come to Alb! I know so many people there!! Vic – I’d love to join FreeCycle, but I don’t have time to register, I’m so slammed with work 🙁 Next time though, and thank you for the tip, I’m going to remember it!! And yes, I am blessed to have a super cool boss, otherwise there is no way I would have ever posted this story!! She already knows I have a short circuit in my brain, so I’m sure she is not surprised at my goofiness!

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