Cigar Box Portable Memo Board

Is there such a thing as a macho craft project? Of course, providing you put a bit of brainpower into the concept. Crocheted golf-club covers? Not quite.

Go with the popular hinged cigar box. Sure, they’ve become all the rage for fashionistas by way of artsy handbags and personal shrines, but they double as great memo holders.

Insert layered corkboard covered in masculine fabric and you have a robust man-friendly desktop accessory. Cigar boxes can be purchased at local cigar shops (call ahead to make sure some are in stock).

1 shallow cigar box with hinges
1 roll of corkboard
¼ yard of fabric
Hot glue

Directions: Measure the top and bottom inside panels of the box, and then cut six pieces of the corkboard to match. Take three pieces of corkboard, stack them (to ensure thickness) and place on the backside of the fabric. Trim fabric, leaving a half-inch border. Fold the border one side at a time over the backside of the stack and seal in place with hot glue. Repeat the process for the remaining three pieces of corkboard so you have two thick fabric-covered pieces of corkboard. Apply hot glue to the back of each and press them into each of the inside panels of the cigar box. Add thumbtacks.

Tips and variations: Decoupage, paint, varnish or add embellishments to the sides and outside areas of the cigar box, if desired. Glue small objects such as rivets, buttons, rocks, foreign coins or wood pieces to the tops of thumbtacks for a decorative effect. Instead of making it a memo board, create scrapbook pages with family photos to fit inside the panels. Create a picture frame by inserting photos behind glass (use frame clasps to keep in place).

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