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PROJECT: Postcard Greetings

(Repost from 2006)

Have craft supplies, will travel. Just because you are going on vacation doesn’t mean you have to leave your scissors and glue stick at home. Pack a thin minicrafting kit so you can whip up custom greeting cards to send to friends and family back home. As you buy your postcards, take a minute (honest, that’s all the time this project will take) and glue them to the front of blank cards so you have more room to share your getaway adventures. This project is a great way to pass the time on the road and is mess-free. To make it even speedier, prep the blank cards with scrapbook paper and foam core before leaving on your trip.

Postcard greetings
Blank notecards (jumbo size)
Scrapbook paper
Glue stick
Thin sheet of foam core

Directions: Cut the scrapbook paper to fit the cover of the card. Affix in place with the glue stick. To add a lifted “dimension” to the card’s look, cut a 1- by 3-inch piece of foam core and glue it in the center. Trim the white edges from the postcard and glue to the foam core. You can embellish with eyelets, decorative staples, brads, small crystals, ribbon and rubber stamps.

Variation: Make a set of cards, wrap them in a ribbon and give them as a gift. Instead of using them as cards, insert in matted frames and hang as wall art. Look for gift shops that carry boxes of postcards. That way all the cards will have a similar theme.

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  1. Lindy! Hi!! you can pack them in your suitcase if you check it, but you cannot take them on your carry-on. I take scissors with me all the time in my suitcase that I check! Beenznrice – you will find all kinds of cool postcards!!! I love the vintage ones too!
    Thanks for the comments!


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