Think you’ve seen blinged-out nails? Think again.


Yesterday, Maya and I went to Robek’s for a power smoothie and it wasn’t the fresh oranges that caught my attention. It was these three ladies and their tricked out nails. I’m talking bling to the extreme. I whipped out my iPhone to snap a picture as Maya tugged on my arm and begged me not to. I asked if I could, and they held out their hands for me.

Turns out, they are nail artists! One of the girls handed me her business card, which was entirely in Spanish. I wanted so bad to throw out a few of my polished sentences “I like that! Very beautiful!” But decided I better not. Knowing me I’d end up saying something crazy.

Now, I want you to click on the image so you can see the detail. These are serious designs. Three dimensions of micro-art. First there is the actual polish and painted design, next comes the crystals, and then the final touch – tiny found object trinkets and decoupaged pictures – I guess that is four dimensions…

Crafty Chica TIP: ANYthing can be a canvas for art. Just when you think you’ve seen it all – it’s time to brainstorm a newfangled version of whatever it is so you can blow people away. I’ve seen gobs of wild nail art, we all have, but these were wildly different!

These ladies not only decorated their nails, they also embellished their shoes, jewelry and clothing. I’m a little bummed that I’m not the long nail type, I’d totally get them done by these chicas! I told the girl that I work for a company that manufacturers the crystals and her eyes lit up. She then repeated it to her friend in Spanish, and then her friend looked at me and smile bigtime. Of course, I had to pass out some Crafty Chica swag I had in my purse.

Even though we didn’t talk much, I could feel the vibe of respect between creative people. I did get her card, so if any Phoenix peeps are interested, let me know!

On the way home Maya admitted that she was glad I took the picture!

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  1. Ay muchachita, whip out that Spanish. I’m sure they would have been delighted to hear you show your enthusiasm in their native tongue. Share your glittery spirit con nosotros en español. El mundo hispano-parlante también necesita disfrutar de tu luminosidad. Nos harás sonreir con tu alegría contagiosa.

  2. I bet that they would do a really great summer pedicure for you! I can see why you’re not a long nail person– too busy with your hands!

  3. hi!!! ive just moved to phoenix and have been looking for somebody to do my nails like that!!!!! i was wondering if you still had the business card… i would greatly appreciate it!!!

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