Too much drama for a Monday.

I’m racing against the clock to meet deadlines. Nothing new there, except that the kids are home on summer break. Two teens. They are great, normal kids – but they are still kids. They argue over stuff, just for the sake of coming up with zingy sitcom-worthy one-liners. They juggle going to the gym, computer, TV, making movies, watching movies, playing music, and hanging out with their cousins/friends and STILL claim to be bored. They ask a lot of questions all day about what I’m doing and why I’m doing it.

A normal Monday at La Casa Murillo: Maya dealt with a bloody nose. DeAngelo shaved his goatee. They argued/fought/gambled for an hour about who should clean the kitchen. Patrick worked on completing his faux kitchen set in our family room (for the Heard Museum exhibit).

There’s more: One of our dogs is in heat. Yes, we are going to get her fixed a.s.a.p! Another has a toothache (going to the vet Tuesday). I had to get a package out by 5 pm and almost didn’t make it. I had to track down more ceramic dog banks.

And I’m trying to speed craft with dignity!

(Can you guess what this will become? I’ll post it Friday! I’d do a contest, but I still have to mail some prizes from the last one!)

Where is my Fresno hotel room now??? JK. I may grit my teeth sometimes throughout the day, but at night before I close my eyes, I can’t help but crack up from the silliness!

Patrick knows how to ease the stress. He made curry chicken for dinner, and then set up the microphone and sound system in the family room (yes, right next to the faux kitchen sink). We took turns belting out goofy songs from his iTunes library. I am so glad no one videotaped it!

P.S.: Novel update! I got to share notes with my book editor today. She is taking two weeks to read my manuscript again. i’m so excited for the next step!!

P.S.S. Special thanks to Sofrito for your Soul for the write up today!!! And even more thanks to the amazing Twanna (a fellow lefty!!) for this super nice post too! And to Cat box Art Studio too! If you’ve linked me, send me a note, I will gladly return the favor!!

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Love & light,

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  1. Hi Crafty Chica,
    I wanted to let you know that you have really been an inspiration to me. I’m a graphic Designer in the Coca-Cola building in Atlanta. After listening to all your podcast I realized, this isn’t creative enough. Well As I mounted more projects of the fine art type.. spoke to more people, started pushing for more outlets to use my illustration skills, it looks like I’m finally starting to get some where.
    I’m starting to setup drawing and watercolor classes with our community recreation department and I’m going to be teaching a class at a local Hobby Lobby on Artist trading cards and art journaling. I’m also showing and selling my art at a local store. I’m hoping to continue my transition into being an art instructor and working artist.
    I just wanted to say THANKS CRAFTY CHICA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    P.S. Love the Day of the Dead stuff!
    Glitter & Rhinestone Hugs,

  2. Godspeed your dog’s heat. I remember running around after my Brittany with a pair of doggy underpants and a doggy maxipad when we didn’t get her spayed in time.

  3. Hi Crafy Chica,

    I’ve actually linked to you on my blog, but would love to chat with you about some craft ideas in regards to recycling birthday cards, wrapping paper, etc. I live in Phoenix, AZ…would it be possible for you to email me?


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