Bollywood Blue

Hello, my crafty friends!

I’d like you to meet the new Crafty Chica “Bollywood Blue” glitter. For several years now, I’ve been a big fan of Bollywood flicks – the melodramatic stories, the crazy song and dance numbers, but most of all the amazing shade of brilliant teal that so often appears in the set design and clothing.

That specific shade is the inspiration behind this color. I mixed and mixed different shades until I achieved the right tone. The picture does not do it justice! It’s so pretty, I want to cover my computer screen in it! I want to cake my eyelids with it and go grocery shopping!

Here is a new Bollywood-inspired music video by Devendra Banhart so you can see what I mean about the magical blending of blue and green to make what I call Bollywood Blue! BTW: Devendra is Natalie Portman’s boyfriend, and she is the star of the video! It’s like a three-hour Bollywood movie condensed into five minutes. It has happiness and heartache and really cute visual effects and of course – dancing!

Best of all – the song ROCKS!


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  1. I didn’t see was what was new in your line! Duh. Double duh. Uh, hullo, I’m your friend?!


    Send me links or images or whatever you have to the new so I can link it on the blog when the line hits! YAY CHICA!


  2. Wow, that was one crazy video!!! I loved it (in a weird way). 🙂

    I love the glitter, too. You need to see about getting your products up to Salt Lake City. 🙂

  3. There was a Barbie ballgown at Hudson’s that color when I was a kid. I loved that ballgown so much. Love that blue! 🙂

  4. IT is a pretty blue, like an island sea! 🙂
    The video just ricked! I was chocking on my morning tea because I was giggling so much.
    Thanks 🙂

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