Chica malfunction

I’ve been working the crafty hamster wheel so much lately that I done fell off, people!

Crashed and burned.

I just plain have not been able to fully execute an idea this week. I’ve started and ditched more than a few projects in the circular file.

Here is proof:

TONIGHT: It began as a perfectly great plastic woven tote I bought in Mexico. When I saw it I lovvvved it. No. i mean I lurved it. I had big plans to embellish and trick it out in sequin trim, glitter and metallic embroidery. Just as I prepped my work area, I thought of how I might be able to do something really innovative – like shrink it with my heat gun!!!

Yes, an embossing gun. That bewildered face you are making right now? I’m making it too at this very moment. What was I thinking?

At first I got really excited, I thought I was on to something phenomenal! I thought it might be like a big Shrinky Dink kind of thing.

Um, wrong.

As the seconds pressed on, the bag puckered like crazy – as if I doused it in Starburst Sours juice. It did shrink to about half the original size, but lordy, I would not be seen with this bag outside of the house. It’s hardcore B-U-S-T-E-D.

Tomorrow I’ll try and cover it with a hankie and use a low temp iron to see if I can flatten it. Even then, the plastic trim is all crumpled. Not only that, Patrick pointed out that these bags come in small versions, so my invention is anything but. Maybe I can cut it apart and find another use later. Sew it on a purse or something.

So I’m back to square one. Rather than take the chance of ruining any other perfectly great plastic woven totes (I have two left), I’ll clock out for the night and start fresh tomorrow!

Whoa. I just thought of something! I think one of these bags would look really cool if I cut the bottom and the handles off – and slipped it over a lampshade. And add trim!


I just thought of something even better than that! Oooh. Oooh. Oooh, baby!

I’m going to down a Starbucks Doubleshot real quick and go back in the art room after all…stay tuned…

*exits room doing the cabbage patch dance*

Love & light,

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  1. Chica

    We are so kindred! That’s exactly the sort of thing I do on a daily basis. It’s just creative fertilizer! We’d never make amazing discoveries if we weren’t willing to make glorious mistakes.

    Rock on crafty sista!

    Can’t wait to see you in Chi-Town!

    Okay my CAPTCHA is about twenty letters long…ergh.


  2. LOL! That reminds me of the time I decided to use my heat gun on my mom’s carpet! I guess my desk was too cluttered so I set my project on the floor, turned the heat on, and um, melted a patch of carpet (oops)! To this day, she doesn’t know what happened to the spot on the carpet in my old bedroom.

  3. Girl, you are too crazy! I love you sharing this, because I am just learning to let go and experiment. So far it’s been productive, but I need to not be afraid to make mistakes. I love what Margot said above about it being “creative fertilizer.” By sharing your thought process it does prove how, if you keep going, you can truly turn lemons into lemonade.
    Carol B.

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