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I’ve been working non-stop on five different projects at the same time! There have been at least a dozen times that I’ve stopped to say – “I’m going to blog this!” – but then I have to make the most of every hour.

This weekend I transferred everything over to my new computer, which took hours. Did I mention I love my new computer? On the bum side, we had the catalytic converter stolen off our 4Runner the other night, so that added more tasks to the holiday. Yesterday I cranked out qazillion customer orders, worked on some freelance articles, plus worked on making stuff for our upcoming art exhibit, not mention all the publicity ideas for the new product line release. Bedtime has been hovering around 2:30 a.m. these days.

I did get out and party this weekend though! Patrick and I went to a reggae club and danced until the band invited him on stage to play keys. I spent a bit of time people watching and grooving in my chair to Marley covers. Highlight: An almost-fight between an off-duty cop and a cholo dude over over a flirty girl in tight pants with a whale tail. Later in the night, I heard her telling people: “I have a two-month old, a 5 year-old and a 15 year-old!” I’m not judging, I’m just repeating the facts!

I have another news flash!: Patrick and I are going on a mini-tour for the product line release! It is called the Crafty Chica Spread the Sparkle Tour. I’ll post the details tomorrow, but we are doing a week in Cali, visiting a store a day from Sacramento to San Diego!

The press is really starting to roll in, so far the reviews have been great! I have three phoners this week and two photo shoots next week. On top of all the work, I need to get primped and polished. I wish the hair salon was like a car wash where you could just pay, roll up and go through an automatic machine and come out the other end all spiffy and shiny.

I’ll be back tomorrow with a meatier, more heartfelt post. I am truly exhausted right now and my bed sheets are singing to me. I can’t resist their lullaby. I am so tired I think I’ll even skip Legally Blonde: The Search for the Next Elle Woods!

Thank you to everyone for all your awesome emails. They make me cry because they are so happy and supportive. I’m beyond humbled and totally blown away. I am trying my best to answer everyone, it may take a few weeks, but I want to get to each and every one of you to say THANKS!

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  1. Kathy, I have been waiting FOREVER for your line to come out. I wish it would hurry, hurry, hurry!
    I am here in the Los Angeles area, near the city of Whittier, which is my closest Michael’s, although there are many others near me. MAKE SURE YOU LET US KNOW THE EXACT PLACE AND DATE YOU WILL BE HERE IN L.A.! At least, I hope you will be here in L.A.
    YOU BETTER! Only kidding, but I would be honored and so thrilled to meet you.
    Please, please, come to L.A.!
    Besitos to you!

  2. You’re coming to Sacramento, who-ho! You know you’ll have a warm welcome here – I’ll round up some crafters one I know the details!

  3. Can’t wait to see you hanging out at Michael’s in Phoenix! All of your hard work has really paid off! You should be so proud of yourself! Howling about the “whale tail!” LOL LOL!

  4. That’s a total bummer about your catalytic converter!!! My husband (who’s name is also Patrick!) is a mechanic…he said Toyota catalytic converters go for $250-$300 and are stolen allllll the time. What a pain!

    You should get your line up in Salt Lake City so I don’t have to wait until my next visit to see family in Phoenix. 🙂 That visit will happen once the temp cools down a bit down there. It’s so sad that I’ve lost my desert tolerance for heat.

    Anyhow, congratulations!!!!

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