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Feature story in today’s Arizona Republic

Wow. how surreal is this?? After spending so many years as an arts and entertainment reporter, writing about all kinds of creative people and their dreams coming true, who would have ever thought that someday I’d be the subject of a story!

That’s what happened today! One of my former editors, Susan Felt, wrote this story and I am still blushing from giddiness. Susan always cheered me on while I worked under her and was a constant source of inspiration. I was just a file clerk at the time, but she was one of those editors who had a way of making you feel like a million dollars and that I could accomplish anything. She offered me so many opportunities, and then coached me on them. I will never forget that experience – and I hope to pay it forward.

Anyway, thank you to the Republic and to Susan for doing this. Where would I be without the Arizona Republic???

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5 thoughts on “Feature story in today’s Arizona Republic”

  1. Wow! After 18 years, you’re an ovenight success! Seriously, Chica, no one in the world deserves your hard-earned celebrity. A good article about a great woman!

  2. Susan is awesome. Glad to see she stil works at the Republic. Your story was wonderful and the photo of you two looks great. Keep on making the glitter fly!

  3. Good grief! I just reread my comment…I meant to say that no one deserves your celebrity MORE THAN YOU! (I feel like a doofus!Sorry ’bout that. How embarrassing.) But you really have earned all the goodness coming your way.


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