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I won an award tonight!

I’ll post details tonight. I’m still in SHOCK!

Update: Actually, this headline should read “WE” won an award! I worked with Lindy and Alyson, the Duncan trade show managers, on creating a centerpiece display for the “Innovations showcase” for the summer CHA show (where I’m at this week). These are shelves in a glass case where every company gets to put a sample of the best new products. Duncan chose my Crafty Chica goodies.

2nd update: Ok, so the dog carousel was cute (continue reading below), but I just learned that the Innovations award is for the ENTIRE Crafty Chica product line, not
just the dog display behind the glass case! I am such a dork!

I wanted to make something that reflected the happy/quirky sense of the product line, that would make people giggle, and show off all the magical glitter colors I worked so hard to mix.

To make the piece, I took cake platters, covered them in ruffled crepe paper, added circles of glittered Chihuahua statues, and then accented the whole thing with silk flowers. It looked like a Hawaiian Chichuahua wedding cake.

I said my blessings and shipped my creation, but when I arrived to Chicago to set up the Crafty Chica display, I learned my precious cargo had been smashed. Just when I was about to hyper-venhilate, Lindy came up with a brilliant idea.

I just happened to have also brought a large glittered Labrador-with-eyeglasses statue! Never leave home without one, right?? Well, Miss Lindy gave me the idea of redoing the centerpiece with the Lab in the center. Patrick helped me refluff the crepe paper and rearrage the flowers.

In the end , it looked like the Labrador was watching over all the Chihuahuas.

The piece won for Innovations Best in Show: General Crafts!! They announced it tonight at the CHA dinner/party.

Here is a lame snapshot, you can’t really see the detail!

Mexican tote wall art

CD Garden Globe


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  1. You are an inspiration to me. I have hit a mental slump in my voyage to sell my products. Reading your blog and browsing your sites has helped me to get re-energized to pick up the pace and lit a fire under my weary ass.

    I’m on a roll AGAIN!



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