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Yesterday, I did some damage at Sephora. I’ve never been the type to splurge or indulge in fancy make up products, even though I have spent hours in Sephora everywhere from London to France, New York to Houston, and of course here in my hometown.

I love to look at all the cool packaging. I hate to say it, but many times, it is the packaging that makes me choose one item over another when I can’t decide between the two. When it came to designing the look for the Crafty Chica line, I asked the designers at Duncan if they could give it the spirit of makeup boxes, to give each product a more lusty “must have” vibe. They did!!

Back to shopping at Sephora: It’s always the same deal. I fill my little basket with all kinds of magical things like face spackle, glittered eyeliner or gourmet waterproof mascara. But as I near the check out counter, my brain starts giving me a massive guilt trip. i think it is my Nana Cano lecturing me from Heaven.

“Do you really need all this stuff right at this moment? How will it make you a better person or improve your life? You could buy groceries for the family or pay off the dentist bill. Or take the kids out for ice cream and the movies! Now is not the time to spend $12 on making your lips shiny.”

My inner voice was right. I just could not afford gourmet make up items then, and every time I would use those items, I’d probably apply them with a layer of guilt. That’s not good energy to add to my day, right? When you are supporting yourself and your family with a creative career, there are sacrifices. Urban Decay is one of them.

So I would sadly, and ever so gracefully, sigh put everything back. Well, except for maybe one item. A chica’s gotta have some fun, right??? But… instead of feeling dejected when I put the items back on the shelves, I would give myself a little affirmation pep talk:

“Girl, you’ll be able to get these soon! Save the experience for one day when you can just walk in here, plop stuff in your basket and buy it because you KNOW the time is right. It will feel so good!!”

By saying that, it gave me something to look forward to.

Well, folks. Yesterday was THE day. I didn’t plan it. I didn’t even think twice. My sister wanted to to go to Arrowhead Mall to see the new Apple store (yum), and Sephora was right next to it. I walked right in and picked up some Christian Dior mascara, as well as a few other treats, including this juicy lipstick from Kat Von D.

I bought Maya, my 15-year-old, little make up kit, as then DeAngelo and Patrick some manly-man items too. I got home, gave out the gifts, and headed to the makeup area in my bedroom to display my coveted purchases and admire them before I broke open the seals. It was almost going to be a rite of passage or a mini-ritual of self empowerment. Maya walks up and gasps. “Wow, mom! Show me what you bought!”

I imitated the Sephora salesclerk and gave her the full meal deal sales pitch on each item. Maya giggled. I walked away to grab a drink of water and what do I hear?

The bathroom door shut. And then lock. I frantically ran to the counter to find the makeup gone.


Oh no she didn’t…!!!!! Ugh. Teenagers!!!

Um, I don’t think I’ve heard myself growl before, but I sure did right then. I pounded on the door like a house raider on COPS.

“Open the door! Don’t you dare break the seals on my new make up! I get to open them! You have no idea how long I’ve waited to buy that stuff!” I shouted.

Maya calmly opened the door and walked out. “I didn’t open them. Gosh, mom, relax it is just makeup…”

At the end of the day, it is just makeup, but it is MY makeup and it’s the bombdizzle!

Now that we are all calmed down…

Speaking of packaging, if you noticed on my CC logo, it has the Virgin of Guadalupe-inspired halo around it with the rays.

Well, there is a new beauty product that uses that theme too. It’s really cute, look:

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  1. I love designer makeup, but alas this teacher’s salary doesn’t afford it.

    I decided long ago that this face wasn’t going to look like I spend hours out in the sun, (even though I do) so I splurge on one foundation with a great sunscreen.

    I have three boys, so I’m just happy to get them to wash their face! Luckily I don’t have that battle!

    Being beautiful doesn’t mean spending loads of money, it just means we want too!

  2. The last time I got fancy make-up at a counter with a Designer box was when I got married, almost twelve years ago!
    I read the Az. Republic article, and found out you will be touring Michaels in CA! Which one’s will you be at ~is there a list somewhere?
    I’m so happy for you that you made your dream come true!

  3. Good for you, savoring the moment! I’m a dig-in-the-dirt kind of girl but a little bottle of Chanel nail polish can make me feel like a princess. Enjoy your indulgence, every woman needs one from time to time.

  4. I am so happy for you and your make up moment fun! i can’t wait to be there some day – i can’t even justify paying for a shirt at Target on the clearance rack these days!! LOLOL! Congrats again on your success Kathy, and I hope to meet you in the makeup aisle soon! 🙂

  5. Kathy, I know that guilt trip about getting something nice for yourself, but you are long overdue to treat yourself. You deserve it after working long and hard for your success!
    By the way, similar teenage story: I never bought myself nice things because of the guilt trip. Then, one day, I decided to buy myself a new expensive bra. I washed and dried it, then later it was gone. What happened?? Was it the case of the hungry, clothes eating dryer?
    A YEAR LATER I decided to be nice and put my teenage daughter’s clothes out of the dryer where she had left them (instead of taking them out and putting them away). AND WHAT DID I FIND? MY EXPENSIVE BRA THAT I NEVER EVEN GOT TO WEAR!!
    Talk about furious!
    Who said kids are God’s gift?
    (Only kidding, God!!)
    Oh, well.
    By the way, if I use that Santa Tanita tanning stuff, will I look like the girl in the picture?
    A girl can dream.
    Besitos to you!
    Carol B.

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