OK, I’m awake now!

I spent so many hours making that earring/paint video yesterday and then editing it last n ight – and then today I found out that my Mac is so old that my iMovie made the video run really choppy. Normally I would say, “oh well” and wipe away a couple alligator tears – but it’s cool. This is a mighty fine week to celebrate.

Not only do I get to announce the info for the Crafty Chica product line release, this week is also the one year anniversary of my novel manuscript being pitched (it sold seven days later). Today I celebrated by investing in a new Mac with part of my advance money. That way I can make new videos to promote the product line and my books – without any choppiness, beach balls on my screen, sighs or or cuss words! I haven’t had a new Mac since my first Crafty Diva book, so this is a huge deal for me. Right after we walked out of the store, I swear I felt like smoking a cigarette. It felt that good 😉

I’ll be redoing the earring video, and posting a fun clip of Patrick and myself chatting about our business.

As for Michaels – I’m so blown away as much as I am happy. Right now the line is going in 141 stores as a special end cap promotion, and once it proves itself – then it goes out to more stores!

Once again, here is the list of Michaels stores that will be carrying the line. If your local store is not on the list, no worries! Everything will be available for sale right here on my site, as well as various indie stores around the country, with more to follow.

I’ll be having all kinds of weekly contests and demos showing off the goods too!

OK, back to the (happy) grind!

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  1. This is all so awesome Kathy! I enjoyed watching your video and loved the music before I even knew it was Patrick’s music! I’m really excited about your product line being released too! I will be using it when I teach my classes in my studio! I so admire you and all the hard work and trail blazing you are doing for us fellow crafters. This saying may be out dated, but “Kathy. Your the bomb!”

  2. Is all I can is WOW and good for you!! I sooooooo look forward to your product line and hope it’s a HUGE success! I’m glad to see a couple of my local Michael’s will be carrying it too. Again, CONGRATS to you!!

  3. Congrats, Missy!

    Long days like these are exhausing, but BOY are they ever worth it! You’ve been working so hard for so long, perhaps you’ll take some time to relax soon (you know, maybe an afternoon off)?

    We’re drumming up a crowd for your Sacramento visit!

    p.s. How many more minutes until August, anyway?

  4. None in Ohio?!?!?! 🙁 🙁 🙁 I suggest St Theresa Textile Trove, even though that is still 3 hours away from me. Maybe Wholly Craft in Columbus? Wahh! But congratulations on everywhere else!

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