Faux Tattoo Sunglasses

I love printed sunglasses. With a little tinkering in my art studio, I came up with an easy method! Hello temporary tattoos! These tatts are just like little decals that can easily be applied to any surface. You can find them at gift boutiques, party supply stores, and even the craft store. The best aspect is you can pick up a few different sets of sunglasses and decorate them all different.
Here’s a tip: I found that a white base works best. If you are using black glasses, paint a layer of white and then apply the temporary tattoo and you are good to go. Not into sunglasses? You can use this technique to add personality to your portable music player, cell phone, business card holder, or any other hard surface.
Faux Tattoo Sunglasses
1 set of sunglasses with wide sides
Temporary tattoos (smaller the better)
Wet paper towel
Micro glitter and mini crystals
Clear adhesive
Clear nail polish
Directions: Set the temporary tattoo on the surface. Apply the wet paper towel over the tattoo and leave until the backing paper is soaked. Carefully peel away the backing. Tattoo will be set in place. Let dry. Apply a coat of clear nail polish over the tattoo, let dry. Use a toothpick and glue to add loose micro glitter and mini-crystals.
Variation: Use a fine brush and enamel paint to hand paint your own design, or cut small images and decoupage them on. You can also use water slide decal paper such as Lazer Tran, printed with your own designs or Craft Attitude craft film.

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  1. Love it! I’m going on a big family trip to a lake next week and was looking for a fun craft to do with the kids that the older ones wouldn’t pooh-pooh. This is perfect!!

  2. very cool idea! i just bought a ton of temp tattoos at walgreens. they had these great sets with 50 tattoos per pack for 3 bucks. my kids are covered in tattoos now. but i did set aside some of the sets for me to craft with. 🙂 thanks so much for sharing this idea now i know what i will be doing with some of them.

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