A happy customer!

This is Carol B, a fabulous artist who bought some Crafty Chica goodies at Michaels this weekend. I’m flattered beyond words, look at her cool art work! Carol B’s Design Studio.

Thank you, Carol!!

Love & light,

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  1. I posted it on my group message board, and see from some of the responses that some of the gals are finding them. I haven’t checked the McClintock store, but will try to swing by there on my way home tonight. I’m glad I got those ‘advance’ items to play with cuz I have a feeling they are going to be selling out of everything before I can get there!! Congrats girl, we are all so proud of you! I’ll see you at ART UNRAVELED on Saturday–I’m bringing a big group to shop, lunch and craft together! WOO HOO!

  2. OMG, Kathy! I am so freaked out HONORED that you showed me and my blog site on YOUR site! I am not exaggerating when I tell you this, because you have been my HERO and inspiration for so long! I tell everyone about you and your rise to success in making a living at your art, something that I know the majority of artists give up on because we have been told it’s impossible. And look at you! I wanted to cry with how proud of you I was when I saw your display at Michael’s. I can’t wait to use all the goodies!
    With much Besitos y Corazon,
    Carol B.

  3. I once read on one of your blogs that you’d discovered this comfortable mattress cover at a hotel you’d stayed at in your travels. Could you send me the name of that item. Love your website!

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