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What it’s like mixing glitter

Cheves from Flickr asked: “What is different about your glitter than other glitters?”

ANSWER: Mixing glitter – okay. Thank you for asking! I know there are a lot of glitters on the market, just like there are a lot of lipsticks, pens, tank tops, etc…

For my glitter, I asked the manufacturer (Duncan Enterprises) if I could *custom mix* each and every color. At first they thought I was crazy, because they had given me dozens of beautiful colors to choose from to create the selection. I told them that I loved the colors, but that I was so excited about the line, I would love to personalize it even further by blending my own shades.

You would have done the same thing. You know as crafters and artists, we are always mixing our own shades of everything. This was my one chance to really take it to the next level. So I thought I would at least ask.

My bosses finally came back with a happy YES and gave me their blessing. They brought me buckets and buckets of all the shades and I spent two days mixing, writing down measurements, sampling them on paper, velvet, wood. On all different types of adhesives, etc. Each glitter is holographic, except for the gold. I even designed them right down to the cut (“Can they make this one chunkier?”).

*Side note*: For those two days that I was mixing glitter, I was in Fresno. After work, I went to Red Robin to eat, and the same waitress helped me. She always had a weird expression I couldn’t quite pinpoint. It wasn’t until I got home to Phoenix that I realized how weird it must have looked to see a big-haired chubby lady – dusted with glitter – eating a Bleu Ribbon Burger all by herself two nights in a row at a hamburger joint…

Back to the glitter. The cool thing is knowing that this is one person who is a craftaholic and glitter lover, who went all OCD on the process to make sure it came out with a one-of-a-kind spirit 🙂

ALSO: We used Patrick’s flaming heart drawing for the caps!! After you are done with the glitter, you can use the jar for something extra special!

Bollywood blue
Rockabilly Ruby
Glamor Queen Green
Goddess Gold
Frida’s Fuschia
Sci-Fi Silver
Be Bop Black
Popstar Purple
Supernova Blue
Sunset Pink


Postcard PIllows

Oilcloth Patchwork Messenger Bag


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  1. Ok, here’s my question…the charms and the bracelet and necklace kits are pretty much sold out in stores.

    So I went to Amazon and they aren’t there?

    Are they only available for sale in stores?

    I have serious lust for the charms. And a project in mind too!


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