On our way to San Jose!

Yesterday was spent driving all along the coast on the 101 freeway. We woke up late, and hit the road around noon. Special thanks to my friend Stacia who gave us great tips on
California driving! We had gorgeous scenery to keep us company – the beaches, vineyards…and more beaches and vineyards…

We stopped for a late lunch in San Luis Obispo (cute town!) because somehow I had the impression that Paso Robles was only 6 minutes away. Um, wrong. We were back on the road at 4:45, praying we would make it to the hotel and then Michaels on time.
We found the La Quinta hotel, the staff quickly checked us in, and we came in to find a large, wall mounted flat screen TV, and California King bed and a separate lounge area. They even have free wine tastings here!

The kids begged to stay in the room while we went to the event, so we let them be little lounge lizards and enjoy the swanky atmosphere. Patrick and I made it to Michaels with 10 minutes to spare.

It was a smaller crowd than Los Angeles but each person was just as happy. Here is a lady who bought the sugar skull iron-on and the shirt earlier in the day, went home and embellished it and then wore it to meet me. She filled in all the spaces with glitter and sewn on sequins. This is really cool because the iron-on is designed with a flocked base – so when you iron it, it is raised. Then you can fill it in with embroidery, paint, glitter, etc…

Another nifty feature is that you can actually take a small pair of scissors and snip off any portion of the iron-on before you use it, in case you want to iron it on something else. For example, you can snip out the word “amiga” inside the ribbon below and write in your own word!

I remembered one person who came on Tuesday that I fogrot to mention! Stefanie Girard from Craftside!

Well, we are up early today, ready to hop back on the 101 to San Jose!

Thursday, August 21, 6 – 8 p.m.
2040 Tully Rd., San Jose CA 95122-1300
(408) 274-6772

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