Patrick and his pencils. All he needs in life!

Patrick always gets excited over new pencils. Not fancy trucks, football games, or camping. Just pencils. He just scored these from my desk.

“Why?” I asked. “They are just pencils.”

“Because they represent potential,” he said. “A pencil and piece of paper can go a long way.”

After saying “Awwww…”, I immediately snapped this picture. It dawned on me that all the illos from the product line started with Patrick’s pencil and a blank sheet of paper. I rattled off ideas and he sketched them to life!

Three cheers for Patrick!!!

Another round of thanks to Jaimee Rose for this wonderful blog post about the tour. Thank you, Jaimee!! and gracias to everyone else who has been posting about it, I appreciate it so much!!

Love & light,

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