Prepping for our Heard Museum exhibit

(Patrick, going over the dimensions and layout of our upcoming art installation with the Heard Museum team)

I’m up late again because I drank way too much iced tea at lunch yesterday, and now it is after midnight and I can’t sleep. Instead of tossing and turning, I decided to fire up the ol’ tube and blog a bit until, hopefully, my eyelids begin to droop and I see double.

This afternoon (err, yesterday afternoon) Patrick and I met with the team at the Heard Museum to nail down all the final logistics of our upcoming exhibit. I was super excited and hyped (another side effect of too much tea at lunch) and kept asking for all these crazy extras. They were all approved by the staff and now. I have a LOT of work to do! We also received news that our show might be extended a couple of months, so I’m vibing on that!

It’s such a weird/exciting time right now. On one hand, we are working like mad to promote the new product line in Michaels, and on the other we are busting out art for our first ever high profile gallery exhibit. We’re experiencing both ends of the art spectrum simultaneously. Toss in our son starting college in a couple weeks, and a pregnant dog, 180 centerpieces to embellish – and yuppers. We have our hands full these days. Maybe I do need the iced tea afterall.

One thing I miss is making random stuff. You know? Hot gluing? Stitching? Sprinkling glitter? Making art that is not tied to deadlines, assignments or techniques. Just goofy, spontaneous creativity sessions while watching repeats of A Haunting. Plus, I’ve been slacking (for good reason) on adding new projects here, so look for some new ones soon!

Tomorrow (today?) I’m going to lock myself in the studio and just make things. That is my medicine more than anything. For me, it’s the equivalent of rolling around in the grass or playing hookie from P.E. class. I love it! Even more than sipping melted chocolate, noticing the waistband on my pants are loose, or watching new episodes of Project Runway.

Oo-ooh. I just yawned!! Yay! OK, holla atcha later!

Love & light,

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  1. You are so inspiring. I’m just beginning to teach art classes in my area. You are an example of someone who has “made it”, been successful in sharing your love of all things creative while still providing for your family.
    You’re in my prayers and would you please pray for me that some of God’s business Favor is passed onto my family. You have definitely got his anointing in this area and in the creative.
    Hugs and Crafty Days,
    Heather Ozee

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