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Oilcloth Patchwork Messenger Bag

Oilcloth Patchwork Messenger Bag
This is an  Oilcloth Patchwork Messenger Bag I made a few months back, and every time I see the picture, I want to make a new one!

It’s made from strips of oilcloth – actually some leftover pieces that I was almost going to toss. Then it dawned on me to just sew them all together to make one bag.

First, lube up your presser foot with some Sewer’s Aid.

You will need to sew strips of oilcloth together horizontally, all the way down until you have one long piece of fabric that measures about 30″ x 14″.

Next, cut a piece of lining to match.

Sew the two pieces face in, on three sides. Turn it inside out and sew the raw ends closed (fold in the edges and stitch).

Fold it in thirds, determine how long you want the front flap to hang. I wanted mine about 3/4’s down, and I wanted to add pompom fringe.

With the lining facing out, sew up the two sides. Turn that baby inside out and sew on that pompom fringe on the flap.

Sew the strap end to each inner side and you are good to go!

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