Reports from the retail aisles!

What a weekend! More stores have put up the display, thank goodness! Word spread on MySpace and Twitter this weekend, and between calls and people going in and asking, many of the shelves have been filled. I’ve been receiving all kinds of emails from people all over the country. Here are some interesting notes that have come in:

– Some things are already sold out in certain stores!
– At one store, a lady said she was among six people who were waiting for the Michaels doors to open on Friday morning so they could but CC stuff!
– A woman from a Santa Fe location said the display very pretty much cleaned out.
– There is some confusion about the stores I’m visiting. The managers are holding the stock hostage until the appearance date, which isn’t until three weeks away. We’re trying to fix this.
– A lot of folks are buying items online!
– A Michaels employee told me to tell people that if their local store does not have the line, to ask to have the products transferred from another store. This will show that there is a demand at that location for the products.
– I’ve received several emails from Michaels employees saying they have purchased products!
– Some people have driven more than an hour out of the way to find a store that had the display up.

These are just a FEW of the notes! I’m amazed and overwhelmed and GRATEFUL! Here’s some pics from the front lines. Tomorrow we are going through the list to see what stores have not displayed yet. I would love to hear from folks in Florida, Nevada, and Colorado! Thank you to those who wrote and sent pictures! don’t forget to post them in the Crafty Chica Inspiration Gallery!

Customer purchases

See the Chihuahua patch? Patrick drew that design in the likeness of our dog, Ozzy. it is so cool to see that someone bought it!

Inspiration Cards are a hit! They are sets of 24 cards that feature my art collages and Patrick’s paintings. On the back of each one is an affirmation message in both English and Spanish. See that lovely lady in the black and white top? That is my boss, Valerie Marderosian! She is the one who made this happen! Please throw her a handful of cyber glitter for supporting indie artists. Hopefully this line will help pave the way for all kinds of other lines by other artists!

I love this picture because I can see that a lot of items are sold out: Love Shrines, Empowerment Shrines, the bracelet and necklace kit, and the both sets of charms! And gold glitter! And my books!

Love & light,

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  1. I looked for your products at the Michael’s in Anchorage (even brought my camera), but couldn’t find anything! Is Alaska eventually on the distribution list?

  2. I’m jealous because the Michaels in NY STILL hasnt put the product out!!! I called this morning and they said after Wednesday. That is so discouraging in a way, but I will be patient!!!

  3. i went in to buy one sheet of scrapbook paper for my daughters back to school book and left with fourty bucks of this crafty chica stuff. lol! never heard of crafty chica before then. consider me a fan.

  4. Hi!

    I just visited the Michael’s store in Lakewood, CO, and the display looks great!! I bought the wooden shrine, your papers and a pack of the inspiration cards. Thank you, thank you, thank you for designing such unique items! I can’t wait to start crafting! You rock!

  5. Congratulations!! I know you products are doing great in other states and someday soon i bet we all will be lucky enough to shop for them at our local Michaels. Thanks so much!!
    Best wishes on your “oprah box” 🙂

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