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Sad news…

The doctor from the animal hospital called to let us know ChaCha had
two puppies this morning, but they were both stillborn.

We are very, very sad, but very relieved that she is OK, just tired.
We’ll be getting her fixed soon, which is what we meant to do in the
first place!

Looking forward to going home!

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8 thoughts on “Sad news…”

  1. Oh no! I’m so sorry, Kathy! I know how excited you were about the pups and how much you missed your little guys while you were on tour. And poor Cha Cha. I’m sure she’s feeling better just having you back.

  2. Kathy and Patrick i know how much this is hard on the family…ChaCha will be in my prayers but im thankful she is ok..I sit here crying over this news cause its close to home..My Paco [chihuahua ] is loosing his eyeball due to a stroke and we just found out cause we were away on vacation..might even have to be put to sleep..I will keep sending CHA CHA our love and puppy hugs while she is re-cooping…Hang in there family ChaChas babies are now playing on the RAINBOW BRIDGE and i know they will be waiting for thier mama when the time comes.. sending you all lots of love.
    cathy from arizona


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