Spreading the sparkle: First night is a hit!

We had a nice, steady crowd tonight at the first stop on the Spread the Sparkle Tour! Lots of friends and family arrived and hung out to cheer us on and shop, shop, shop. Many items are sold out and it is only the second week into the display. I’m jumping for joy at the response! The coolest aspect is that people don’t just buy one item, they buy two or three items, sometimes four and five, which is exactly how we designed the products – to work with each other!

Thank you to everyone who came out, it means a lot to have that kind of support! And special thanks to the team at Michaels! Wow, they are on top of every detail to make sure everything is a success. All the way from corporate to the store managers and employees. I love hearing the employees talk about the things they like to make, and even better, seeing them shop in the store. It’s nice to know they are very passionate about their jobs! It proves that crafting isn’t just a hobby, it is a lifestyle! Craftaholics, unite!!!

There was so much positive energy tonight, I’m really looking forward to the rest of the tour! I totally want to go into every detail, but I am so sleepy right now. I signed a tall stack of books, gave away bobbleheads, Mexican fortune cookies and posed for pictures with my crafty comadres. I’m going to crash and recharge my batteries for tomorrow.

Here is where we will be! Come on out!! more goodies await those who visit!

Tuesday, August 12, 11 a.m.-1p.m.
Chandler, 285 N. Federal St., Chandler AZ 85226-3192
(480) 782-0333

Tuesday, August 12, 6-8 p.m.
2060 E Baseline Road, Mesa, AZ 85204-6965

Love & light,

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  1. I finally got my stuff, I bought 5 jars of glitter, the inspiration cards and the charms. I will be going back for the shrine and empowerment doll. Thank you so much for the happy! LOL I will take pictures of what I bought and made so far with it, over the weekend.


  3. I am so jealous and I wish you were coming to my Michaels…of course, they aren’t carrying your stuff. I’m off to Amazon to order a few things! I love the name of your tour! -Tracey

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