Thank you for the happy

This week is Art Unraveled 2008 (a national mixed media art retreat) and I’ve spent Sunday, Monday night, and today there. There is no better way to get inspired that to hang out with hundreds of artists and all-around crafty people. The event lasts through Sunday, and I have two more events.

Last night I taught a new class (for me) all about kamikaze PR for working artists. I was so nervous because all my previous workshops have always been about making art. I usually lug about three suitcases and come home covered in glitter. Last night I felt naked because I strolled in with a small rolly suitcase filled with student workbooks.

Three hours of talking! Can you say, “shaky palms”? To help stay focused, I typed up my presentation, about 20 pages and made copies for the students. The classed was a major hit! Once I started, everything clicked. I was so proud that I got everything in, and everyone stayed asking questions until the very last moment.

After spending 13 years at the newspaper, selling my art, and running my site, I’ve learned a thing or two of insider tips about scoring media hits. I coached last night’s class on transferring the energy of their artwork into creative press releases, media pitches, blogging, networking, and so on. It’s all about making you sound as interesting on paper as you are in your art.

I received great feedback and am finetuning my lesson plan so I can teach this class again in the future. What a lot of artists don’t realize is that they can further their customer base, sales, and brand name by leaps and bounds by dedicating time to a publicity plan. You won’t get asked to dance floor if you are hanging out by the punch bowl all night. Well, you might get asked to dance, but the chances increase if you show off your Moonwalking skills!

I taught a fabric collage purse class today. I was soooo sleepy because I put so much energy into the PR class, I didn’t have any left when I came home last night. I woke up at 5 a.m. this morning and prepped for the class. I had nine students and they were armed and ready to make purses! Check out the picture up there of some of the bags they made.

Stacia made us all crack up. She walked over and held up this amazingly tricked out, fully-lined bag – with a flap and a long strap and says “Here’s my bag, but it isn’t embellished yet!”

Some people brought machines, and some didn’t. We all ended up trading off, and I had a blast driving two vintage sewing machines – one from the 60s and another from the 80s. I tackled the challenges of fussy bobbins, I sweet-talked one into zigzagging properly, and at the end of the day, it felt sweet to go home with my good-natured Janome in tow.

Everyone was excited to use the Crafty Chica glitter, and I was happy to feed their fix! However, this one lady did not want glitter at all. No way. She had a cool vibe, made a fun purse, but she went all Ellen on me, and admitted she just wasn’t into the micro sparkle.

I know art is about letting people express herself, but dang – I made it a personal mission to convert her. By the end of the class I had pushed a micro crystal on her. She smiled, sighed, and glued it on her bag.


At the end of the class she walked over, gave me a hug, and said, “Kathy! Thank you for the happy!”

…then she said, “I meant to say thank you for the help, but actually, thank you for the happy is better.”

THat is my new catchphrase: “Thank you for the happy”.
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Love & light,

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  1. “She went all Ellen on me”. You are so funny. I love the purses that you taught. Sure wish I lived close enough to attend one of your classes. Dont worry, I’d be all about the glitter.

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