Viva Michaels!

Sarah & Crafty Chica display

I just got home from a long day teaching at Art Unraveled, opened my email and found a long list of emails from Michaels store customers who bought Crafty Chica goodies. Thank you for all the pictures, sneaky videos (!!!), and letters. I appreciate them so much!

Isn’t this little girl adorable?? Thanks, Maria Sanchez, for sending the pic! And look what CatBoxArtStudio had to say!

Look what artist Joanne Yada made with the Crafty Chica Wood Frame. She made a dimensional tribute to one of her favorite directors (and mine too!). Look close to see the tin foil UFO!



Don’t forget to post your pix in the Crafty Chica customer gallery!

See the new line of Crafty Chica products at select Michaels stores!! All content/photos copyright, © Kathy Cano-Murillo, 2008.

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  1. FINALLY! after a long walk last night, i found myself pulling into michael’s parking lot. i walked in, asked about the crafty chica line and, viola, there it was!! they told me it would be at least another week, but i think whatever kathy said to her people, this store had it up by monday night!! i spent so much money!!! the inspiration cards are wonderful!
    PLUS–i have to mention this. i was dancing & singing around the cc display. people actually stopped and asked me what was up!! i was so proud. these 2 women walked away with loads of stuff and said they were going to buy the cc books in the morning.



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