Attack of the Glue Gun Killer!

All of these died on me in 30 minutes. What is up with that??? One right after the other. All I wanted to do was added sequin trim to my fancy headboard!! Is it me???

I finally used my thick Tacky and it worked, thank God. I was so upset though, I stormed out of the room, spun around, and knocked into my rocking chair and the beads fell off. Cry, cry, cry!

I’m so ready to go eat red velvet cake with a tablespoon! I need to balance the sour with some sweet!

We have to have everything turned in on Friday, still lots to do. I drank a lot of coffee and am trying to work ultra fast, but I keep setting off explosions behind me as I walk away from things. I’m thinking now would not be a good time to use my sewing machine.

WAahhhh…!!!!! Damn you, glue guns!!!!! You started this!

OK, crafty meltdown is subsiding…

P.S. After all this, Patrick has the NERVE to tell me to add purple rope lights to the headboard! Mama’s done with the headboard, that’s all I gotta say!

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Love & light,

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  1. I swear.
    I have an anxiety attack everytime I come to your blog…how will you get IT ALL DONE!!! On top of the touring and other art…you amaze me!

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