Chandelier. I’m tired.

So here is my chandelier project for the Heard Museum exhibit. This piece will go above the dinette table in the kitchen (along with Patrick’s food painting).

It started out as a lampshade from IKEA.

And with the help of my sister and our friend Ofelia tonight, we added hundreds of beads, charms, and chain links to it. I even did a little wire wrapped action on the top. We started this project at 9 p.m., and I just finsihed at 1 a.m. My shoulder is burning sore. That doesn’t matter right now!

In the picture the chandelier is resting on a stand, and you can’t really see its full glory, but believe me, it is pretty dang rad. That’s what a large Sonic Iced Mocha Latte with a extra shot will do to you! I have been so tight on time between work and the Heard stuff, that Starbucks is out of the question. There is a Sonic right down the street, so I’ve been getting my fix there. I’m hooked!

I cannot believe that – (gulp – I feel like I’m going to just start crying right now) – in exactly one week from tonight, our exhibit will have it’s first viewing event. I feel like I want to cry because half of me can’t imagine it, and the other half is happy to see the finish line approaching. We can have our house back!!!

The show opens to the public on Friday, Oct 3rd. If you live in Phoenix, you should come, it is free, there will be catered food and Patrick’s band is going to perform. Bring the family!!!

Next week is going to be nuts. OK, Wednesday is the first viewing of the show; Friday night is the grand opening, later on on that Friday night I leave for NYC; Wednesday I leave for Dallas; Friday is the Hispanic Women’s Conference where I’m on two panels; Friday night I have a book signing at the Herberger Theater; and Saturday I have an event for Day of the Dead. And that is only the first week of October!

On that note, I’m going to catch some sleep to wake up refreshed!

Love & light,

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  1. You have had all of us so excited for the opening of your exhibit! Can hardly wait to see everything up close and personal! I am so excited to be able to take my kids.

    And, by the way, congratulations! I saw an acknowlegement honoring you for Hispanic Heritage Month on channel 15 the other night when I was watching Dancing with the Stars! Actually, my son noticed it when I walked away from the TV and he yelled out, “mom, hurry, come see the TV!” So he did a quick rewind (thanks to DVR) and there was your picture! It was so fun that he recognized you! So, congratulations for all the great things you do for our community!

  2. love this idea, as i already commented on ur myspace blog. i wish i lived close, so i could go view at the museum. maybe while it’s on exhibit i will get a chance to travel to arizona. peace lady.

  3. You have been working so hard (along with your family…). Can I call you “Crafty Chica Loco”?

    I hope I can get a chance to see the exibit. If not, I’m sure you will be posting LOTS of cool pictures once it is set up, right?

    Congrats on winning the Guardian, Saguaro Chic! That is fun you live so close you can see our Chica on local TV !

  4. What are you coming to NYC for? Is it for business, for the products because I would totally meet you at the Michael’s!! I would love to catch up with you!

  5. Seriously, when you are done showing all this stuff, I’m going to go live in that museum exhibit. It all feels like home.

    AMAZING work you and your family has done on this exhibit.

    You are truly living la vida Crafty Chica.

    So, so proud of you!

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