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I’m not the only one cranking out artsy goodness lately, lots of you are too!

First I want to apologize for not answering your emails right away, I’m on a heavy deadline this week, so I’ve had to trim some things from my schedule. But I love all the pictures and letters you re sending me about what you are making with the Crafty Chica products!

Here are some pictures!

This is by seamstress extraordinaire, Krissi Sandvik, she used the Mojito papers to add flowers to her wood burned piece. Psssttt. Krissi has also posted reviews of the products too!!

This is by Artsy Gringa – Michele Parlee – she used Crafty Chica Bollywood Blue Glitter! Check out her blog for a tutorial on making a shrine!

This is “A Few Small Nips” from a Frida fan at Chica Femme Crafts and she used the Crafty Chica Wood Frame.

This is a decorated Empowerment Guardian (cruise contest entry!) by Alicia Sigala. I love how she describes her!!
“This is a photo of me holding my completed “Our Lady of Miraculous Weight Loss” (AKA Our Lady of Nutrisystem).
Her theme is all of the foods that I love but can no longer eat because I have started Nutrisystem system to lose the baby weight. I have her in my kitchen close to the fridge so she can be a reminder to me to stay strong in the face of food. I hope that by glancing at her several times a day it will help me to remember that I don’t need food to be happy.”

Theresa Hall used the Crafty Chica Rose Stencil to brighten up her office chair!

The lovely Sonya Nimri made this Recycling Queen from the Crafty Chica Empowerment Guardian!

ButtaflyBesos made this Dia de los Muertos pet shrine, inspired by my Shrines & Shadow boxes book!

I hope I didn’t miss anyone! Keep sending me pictures or post them in the Crafty Chica Inspiration Gallery!

See the new line of Crafty Chica products at select Michaels stores and at HERE!! All content/photos copyright, © Kathy Cano-Murillo, 2008.

Love & light,

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  1. Mama Mia, Crafty Chica! Your talent and products are inspiring a lot of great Arts and Crafts to be created… thanks for sharing them!
    Erin Glee : )

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