Finished end table

Finished end table
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At least I think it is finished! The picture doesn’t do it justice!
It took forever to make! I used all my Crafty Chica Mojito Papers and then sealed it all with Aleene’s/Traci Bautista’s Sparkles Collage Pauge. The glitter in it is amazing – all different shades of translucent heaven!

I sealed it all under a thick coat of two-part resin.

To make this, I first basecoated the dresser with my Crafty Chica paints. Next, I painted over the inset of the drawer with the Collage Pauge and then covered it with glitter. I let it dry and then added swirls of Tulip 3D Fashion Paint (Ruby Glitter). I let that dry and then covered it with resin. I then used Aleene’s Tacky Spray and covered the sides of the dresser with purple Day of the Dead oilcloth. Just to make sure it stuck well, I peeled down each edge and painted on a coat of Aleene’s Original Tacky Glue.

Next I made my paper collage on the top. I used paper images, glitter, stencils and even stickers. I then added two coats of Collage Pauge. Let it dry and then did a little (lot) resin action.

I then used Aleene’s Tacky Spray to add Indian paper to the shelves I (found it at IKEA).

Next I used AOTG to glue down the flat backed cubes all around, and then trimmed the whole darn thing in Mardi Gras beads (red, teal and hot pink). Oh, and shells too.

I still need to add a flashy adornment to the drawer knob!

I had such a blast making this! To think I bought this dresser at Goodwill for cheap! It is sturdy, chunky and was even made in Mexico! I’m going to use it in my “inspiration corner” in my room.


Love & light,

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  1. WOWSA!!!! I have never seen mardi gras beads look so good! You would have never known this started out as a Goodwill dresser! I bought a big coffee table at goodwill that has been sitting and waiting for something magical to happen to it. Do you happen to need a coffee table for this project? (I’m Phoenix gal)

    How would I go about buying the resin product?

    Thanks, Leslie

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