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My daughter had been practicing for the school play auditions. She went on Wednesday, did her thang – and found out today that she didn’t make it on the cast. She was so bummed!!She ended up channeling that energy into making a cute video about the dramz.Will you watch? It will make her whole night and give you good karma for perking up a frowning 15-year-old.Whoa! talk about laying on a guilt trip!! Yup, I’m a mom to the core!

Click HERE if you can’t see the video.

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  1. This was really cute. With all her range of emotions, she will be in other venues. What I really liked is that she was so supportive of everyone else that got chosen. This is a skill that people many times older than her still don’t have. She didn’t call them losers, didn’t downplay the event, was totally supportive, while still showing her vulnerability. This will take you far in life. Just think, some day you may be directing!!! Great job.

  2. After watching you on the flick. I say it was rigged, or sumpin! You are such a bea-u-ti-ful girl full of expression!
    Pati in New Mexico

  3. Maya, honey, you do have talent. Even great and well-known actors sometimes don’t get chosen for parts they really want. Keep doing what you love, and your gift will make room for you! In the meantime, what a display of maturity and graciousness! Way to go, girl! {{{HEART}}}

  4. Sorry you didnt make this one but I am sure other avenues are waiting for you!!

    Perhaps they are secretly hoping that you will offer to do the decor 😉

    Enjoy your springtime and stay adorable!!

    Hugs from South Australia!

  5. Who needs the school play? Mija’s got mad skillz with the video camera and editing software. What a cutie pie. I kept waiting for her to give a Bronx cheer to the kids who made the cast but then I realized that that’s just something I would have done when I was her age. Well, I guess I would still do it at the age I am now… That’s a-why I’m called “Mala” though. xoxox to Maya.

  6. Maya, you DO have talent, but this must not have been the right Play for you. I know you will follow in your Mama’s footsteps, and NOT GIVE UP! You were gracious to the people that got parts, so that shows you are a wonderful young lady with a whole future of “Drama” to look forward to (Miss Drama Queen)!

  7. Maya they just don’t know what they lost. Just remember that you need a lot of no’s to get a lot of yes’. I’ll explain my theory on no’s to you some day. They are a good thing, believe me.

  8. I have to say, that as strange as it may seem, I actually stumbled upon this blog while searching for sunglasses…

    My point is that I couldn’t resist watching the video, being someone who has been through many auditions, resulting in many heartaches and feelings of rejection.

    However, there is a silver lining! Though many of those auditions left me feeling rejected (even to this day), there were also many auditions that turned out great!

    So, the moral of my story is that though it may hurt for awhile, this too will pass. Having the guts (and it does take some guts!) to audition, shows character and self confidence. You are wonderful, stick with it and your day will come!

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