Lime green and other current obesssions.

Oh yah, I did damage at the fabric remnant store today, shopping for our Heard Museum exhibit pieces. I’ll explain. I have a hot pink retro dinette set that I am pimping out in lime green, flowered oilcloth, and rhinestone trim. Everything has to be over the top. It is going to be a 100% handmade home.

The spirit of the show is to take everyday objects and rework them in a clever way. If there are store bought items, you can bet your favorite pair of pair of pinking shears that we will flip the concept.

The gallery space is about 1,000 square feet. We have broken it up in areas to look like a house. There is a kitchen, a family room, a bedroom, an art studio, a vanity area, an entry way, a patio and of course the front patio/welcome area. Each room is made to look like a stand alone shadow box/diorama. I’m twisting my brain in unhealthy positions to come up with new techniques and applications on each and every piece. That is the reason I stop watching the premiere of Top Design right now. I’m beyond getting inspired, the more I watch design and competition shows, the more I question and doubt myself, and I DON’T HAVE TIME FOR THAT!

I have to stay focused so I can finished!

Whoops, I mean “finish”.

This is what I still have to complete:

Paint an upholstered couch.
Decoupage and resin a large table.
Draw and paint a scene on a bed headboard.
Figure what to do with a rocking chair. Painting it is too obvious!

I am flying high on energy and excitement! Today I picked up a pencil and I accidentally gripped it so hard between my fingers that it snapped in half. And that was without coffee…

I still have everyday life to squeeze in too! Tomorrow morning we are taking Bootsie to get neutered. DeAngelo needs to get his driving permit, Maya is prepping to audition for the school play, and Patrick has his own list of things to finish making. Plus, on Friday I’m receiving an award a big luncheon, so sometime tomorrow I need to get these dang eyebrows fixed, as well as my hair.

Also this week, we brainstormed a new batch of products for the line. It’s like starting the entire process all over again, but we have so much insight now, it is much easier! Thank you again to everyone for all the help and support!! Tonight I have to write up my craft column, and then sketch new ones for the coming months. I am waaayyyyy behind on emails again!

With all this going on, we have been ordering out for all meals because we don’t have time to cook. Thank goodness Patrick’s mom came over this weekend and helped us with laundry and cleaning. If only there were a camera crew to catch all the action. I love to see Patrick toss his dreadlocks over his shoulder so he can lift up a spool of frilly lace and admire it…And me, pick up a bag of beads from the wrong end, have them spill all over the floor, causing the dogs to freak out! Or all of us arguing over who gets the last brownie in the dish…

I wouldn’t have it any other way!

Before I go, I want you to see this uber-empowering clip of Nely Galan on my new favorite program, The Big Idea with Donny Deutsch (well, until the new season of Oprah begins…). I catch this show as I work on my art to feed my brain (and to balance it out so my head won’t explode, I also watch Top Model and the new 90210).

This is why I snapped that pencil today, after watching this clip last night, I woke majorly pumped up! Nely rocks so hard! The clip is 8 minutes, but worth every second. Promise.

Love & light,

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  1. Congrats on the award! As soon as you mentioned the rocking chair I pictured it with tiny pom poms (like the size on fringe) glued all over it – comfort and quirk!

  2. Hey Chica,
    I saw the nice little spot on Channel 12 News yesterday evening saluting you for the Profiles of Success during Hispanic Heritage Month. Congratulations again on the award! You’re very deserving and it’s great to see you get the recognition. See you mañana at the luncheon! -Joe

  3. I also love the Donny D show. I usually just visit his blog to keep up his show. I clicked on the movie and Nely sounds great. I checked out her web site. I would love to be an entrepreur too. Congrats on the award. Keep up the good work, you are my inspiration.

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