Naughty night, spontaneous bisque, & invisable jewlery.

I did something really odd tonight. Something totally against character. Something almost shameful at this point in my life. I should feel guilty, but I don’t! Sometimes you just have to cut loose, live a little. Throw caution to the wind, and not care what people think (or pet dogs) think! This is the crazy thang I did…


Yup, I snuggled between two fluffy pillows, Ozzy took a nap atop my butt (it’s cushy), and the other three dogs curled up next to my bod, as if they were magnetized. I must have looked super serene because Patrick and the kids left me all alone.

Top Model, 90210, Project Runway, and Top Design.

Whoops! That is actually FOUR hours of guilty pleasure TV.

My original intention was to watch all these shows in the art room while I worked on more pieces for the exhibit. I just couldn’t bring myself to do it. I needed a mini-break, so the bed it was.

This morning I finished up my wind chime, sewed curtains, and then wrote up my craft column and sent it off to my editor. I prepped the next batch of projects and then left for a meeting with the museum store buyers from the Heard about carrying our art in the gift shop.

Any other time, I would have a full-on display of samples to present – all pristine and priced, and a crisp order book to write up the goods. But I just have not had the hours to make those samples. I’ve been working 12-hours days to get ready for the show, plus everything else a mom and wife does.

“I have a presentation meeting and nothing to show!” I whined to Patrick.

“Just hold up your bare wrist and say, “Imagine a shiny bracelet…”, he replied.

So I showed up to the meeting with a few pieces of jewelry from my Etsy shop, a small flower pot, a small muertos sculpture and – oooh, I think that is it.

Totally unprofessional! Let me tell you, that presentation table looked pretty bare!

I went into the meeting and apologized, but really I didn’t have to. The buyers were soooo cool and kind, they loved the samples, and told me they understood how hard Patrick and I had been working. They told me to just bring in whatever we have each week and they will set aside a special glass case for it. I wanted to cry I was so relieved! Once all our gallery stuff is set, then I can spend time making jewelry and other treats for the store. (Please don’t remind me that Oct 1st is less than two weeks away)

Afterward, Patrick and I went to see the actual gallery, which had already been painted in all our favorite colors. I got goosebumps thinking about seeing it all come together!

All the big pieces are done except one (because I decided today we needed it).

I had set aside a small niche for a vanity area, but decided to make it a Glitter Gallery instead. I’m dedicating it (tee hee) to Ellen DeGeneres – and it will have all different types of glitter applications that are not messy (plus the good loose stuff too!).

I need a tall shelved case, don’t have time to shop (I used up my last vacation day today), so I’m going to use the rustic Mexican armoire in our living room. You know, the one you always see behind me in pictures and video shoots?

Once that is gone – our family room will have NO couch, NO curio, NO dinette set. We are an active family of four. Can you imagine? But you know what? I’m happy about that because it is time for a living makeover anyway – new furniture on the way!

This is what we still have to make by Tuesday:

6 Pillows (sketched)
A hanging wall structure (prepped)
Some kind of cool chandelier (IDK!!)
Floor rugs (prepped)
Tin up the Mexican curio to become the glitter gallery (sketched)
Clay roses for the wall (prepped)
Felt flowers for the kitchen table centerpiece (prepped)
Resin the kitchen table (tonight!)
Two paintings (Patrick)
Floor lamp (Patrick, and he wants to use beer bottles???)
Finish the couch (Patrick)

After I wrote this list in the afternoon, I thought of a FABULOUS idea to add.

Hello? We need place settings for the kitchen table! How did I forget about that? And we can’t just use any plates – painting regular dishes would be too predictable. So I shot off an email and a prayer to Alyson at Duncan, and asked if we could paint Duncan bisque dinnerware. I know time is short, there is a lot to do, and this request involves packing boxes and Fed Ex men, but I know it will be worth it, so I asked!

I left it in fate’s hands and anxiously awaited her response – which was YES (“but, I need you to paint like a mad woman!”)!

Yay!! So now Patrick and I will be painting dinnerware too. He doesn’t know this yet, he’ll be pleasantly surprised, I’m sure. Hey, this is a once in a lifetime chance, and it is a big exhibit that runs from October-August. Everything has to be spectacular, worthy, gorgeous, wild, and breathtaking. I can sleep later!

Tomorrow morning Patrick and I are off to shoot a segment for a local TV show about the exhibit and the CC product line. After that, I have to make a Day of the Dead project for work, pose in a photo shoot with it, as well as send over new CC kit ideas to Lauren, our product manager.

We’ve hired DeAngelo, our son, to be our personal assistant and he is rockin’ it. He has learned so much about what we do now that he is involved hands-on. Every time he helps us finish a project, he stands back, looks at it, and says “Wow, now that is really cool, you guys!”
We’ve been doing this stuff all his life, but he is just barely looking at the detail involved.

OK, I’m off to resin that kitchen table and then go to bed!

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Love & light,

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  1. You know…I was watching Project Runway last night too…and thinking how much I get inspired by that show. I always wish I could sew because I would LOVE to do that kind of competition.

    And I thought to myself, “You know, The Crafty Chica should have a show like this. Project Crafty or something where there are timed competitions and judges.”

    It would rock. I’m just sayin’

    Anyhow, off to paint my inspiration shrine…:)

    And good on ya for taking a much needed rest!

  2. Good luck with your next exhibit projects! Sounds like you are on a great pace already 🙂
    Love your work & wish I could fly out to see the exhibit in person. Until then I’ll just have fun reading your blogs & admiring your posted pics. Thanks for sharing 🙂


  3. How wonderful! I’m so glad you took some Kathy Time to rest–that’s just what you needed. There’d better be lots and lotsa great shots of the exhibit for all of us who can’t get there in person. I just know it’ll be Chicarific!

    Oh, and I love Karen’s idea about a Project Crafty show!

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