PROJECT: Chihuahua Pop Out Card

I happen to be a big fan of little dogs with pointy ears – more specifically: Chihuahuas! We have four of them!

Here’s a cute card I made using the Crafty Chica Mojito Papers, Crafty Chica Glitters and Crafty Chica Loteria Game.

You also need pre-scored jumbo-sized cards, Aleene’s Paper Glaze, a glue stick, small piece of foam core or thick cardboard.

Take one sheet of the Crafty Chica paper of your choice, cut it in half. Use a glue stick to affix it to the front of the card.

Next, take one of the large Loteria cards from the caller deck and carefully cut out the main image, Chihuahua (or other image).

Glue the background of the image to the front of the card. Add a small piece of foam core to the back of the Chihuahua. Now add more glue and place it in the center of the background picture.

Add a trim of Paper Glaze and pour on the glitter before it dries.

NOTE: You can also do this with any photo at all!


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  1. That is too cute!
    I don’t know how you do it. You completely amaze me and inspire me. I work pt, have two school age kids and only do 4 craft shows a year, one which is next weekend and my house is a mess, I am currently covered in glitter while my kids and husband are feeling neglected. LOL!

  2. You’re either gonna love or hate me after this sentence: When I clicked on, the first thing I thought I was reading was, “Chihuahua Poop Out Card”!!! And it struck me that you and Patrick DESPERATELY need a good getaway after that museum set is all up, and maybe a POOP OUT card was the apropos thing after all!

    Somehow I believe the Kathy I met during the Sparkle tour would think as wacky as I…(am I still allowed to post here?)

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