Rosy Virgin of Guadalupe Jewelry Chest


This is a jewelry chest I made from IKEA wood organizer shelves and an old step stool. I saw a variation of this idea and decided to try it and revamp it in my own chica way! I hot glued fake roses all over the outside and left a space for the light up Virgin of Guadalupe statue (she is holographic!).


I covered the front of the drawers with green glittered vinyl using Aleene’s Crystal Clear Tacky Glue Spray. The trick to using this product is to first coat both things to be glued together and let them sit for a minute, and then join them. Super bond!! The fabric goes on so smooth, no bumps or blemishes at all! I wish I could Tacky Spray some other things in my life… 😉

As for the top of the chest, you could put anything in the center as the focal point – a glittered dog, a Lucha Libre bank, a large picture frame, etc…

After I placed La Reina on the top, she needed more glitz. So I took a 14″ embroidery hoop and wrapped a multi-colored light string around it and added it to the back.

I love this piece, I want to keep it after the exhibit!!

I’m having so much working on all these pieces for our upcoming exhibit. These are projects I never would have made otherwise. Now I can’t imagine life without them!

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  1. Wow! This is probably one of my favorite piece that you’ve previewed on your blog for the exhibit. This is just lovely! I may have to make one for myself! 😉

    I can’t wait to see what else you come up with!

  2. This Rosy Virgin of Guadalupe Jewelry Chest takes the cake! It is too cool~maybe I’ll try my hand at something along these lines… I love it’s soft lighting…like a major Night Light piece! Everything you and your *Boyfriend have been making for the exhibit is FAB~ I wish I could go!


  3. Thank you!!! I’m really pushing myself, Patrick (my hubby) is whipping out this amazing mural and I only wish I could do that, so I’m working on the furntiure. i keep thinking – it’s a gallery, it has to extra, extra, EXTRA worthy!!

    All your support helps so much!!!!


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